• Backhoe/Loader Training Reviews

    "I have developed a better understanding of backhoe/loader operations with the help by (All Skills)."

    N. Hoban, 2019

    "Very well organised.  Teacher backed up with educational background as well as experience from different sites and conditions.  I can strongly recommend to use All Skills to get real knowledge with many field life experience which you just can't learn off the books"

    M. Nejepsa, (City of Yarra), 2018

    "The best course I have done in a very long time.  Lots of information about the safety and use of the (Backhoe/Loader).  Would highly recommend to everyone.  Feel a lot more comfortable using the (Backhoe/Loader) now than what I did two weeks ago.  10/10."

    N. Canales, (City of Yarra), 2017

    "Instructor was very informative & has acquired a lot of knowledge which he continuously kept passing on.  He goes over same information to ensure it really sticks and that you walk away feeling like you actually know what you're doing."

    C. Jansz, (City of Yarra), 2017

    "Second course with (the trainer) & All Skills.  Much like the first course, I feel a more competent operator after the past 3-day course."

    M. Jury, (Urban Maintenance Systems), 2017

    "Very good.  I feel like I can use the machine safely."

    R. Thomas, (Urban Maintenance Sysems), 2017

    "A well-run course with relevant information to what we will utilize the Lader/Backhoe for.  Information was clear and made sense."

    A. Malmström, (Urban Maintenance Systems), 2017

    "Very well explained in all aspects.  Great practical and all around good course.  Learnt a lot."

    J. Smith, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Most educational course I have completed in the past 5 years.  You really learn about the dangers that are out there and how you can prevent or minimize those risks."

    E. Mariona, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Course was great.  (The trainer) gives you a lot of knowledge."

    S. Bennett, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "All Skills Training was great.  Trainer was very good on the training, and my course was excellent."

    R. McCleery, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Good training, in-depth knowledge.  Hands-on training helps build confidence."

    S. Daniell, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "(The trainer) was a wealth of knowledge, even outside of the course we were doing."

    M. Tydeman, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Very thorough in the training.  Very passionate and I very much enjoyed learning from (the trainer).

    L. Grech, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Very informative,  (The trainer) shows there's no substitution for experience."

    J. Athanasi, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

    B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

  • Chainsaw Safety Training Reviews

    "You never really know how instructional courses will turn out. This is by far the best I have ever taken part of. The instructors were so knowledgeable and understanding. I had never started a chainsaw before today, and I now feel confident to chop wood."

    M. Demosthenous, 2019

    "Great training, good teaching techniques, nice trucks and machinery."

    A. Sapountzis, 2019

    "This course has given me the confidence to handle a chainsaw without fear."

    Z. Sapountzis, 2019

    "Nice trucks and heavy machinery."

    N. Sapountzis, 2019

    "Thanks for an absolutely brilliant day.  After today's course, I feel more confident, knowledgeable, capable and empowered in my skills and abilities.  (The trainer) provided great skill and engaging content and a friendly manner."

    J. Pogson, (booked by Romsey Neighbourhood House), 2019

    "Good experience. Learnt a lot and enjoyed the entire course. No qualms with anything."

    J. Hunter, (booked by Romsey Neighbourhood House), 2019

    "Good information. Broke up information with humour so kept engaged.  Relaxing atmosphere. Learnt enough to start cutting & still feel safe."

    R. Maddocks, (booked by Romsey Neighbourhood House), 2019

    "I just wanted to say thanks so much for the fun and informative day.  I was quite disheartened by the lack of help I received during the chainsaw purchase process ("Here it is, Luv, good luck!") and really quite terrified of using the damn thing.  Your course was set up in a way that we could all learn together.  No question was to simple and the practical aspects of the day were a great way to build confidence. I now realise I am still (and always will be) a chainsaw novice, but absolutely have respect for the machine and can approach my clean up jobs from a 'safety first' perspective.  Awesome job guys - keep it up!"

     K. Kandelaars, (held at Romsey Neighbourhood House), 2018

    "Thank you for the terrific day of instruction on Saturday. I left the day feeling far more confident in my skill set and most importantly, more confident that I could operate a chainsaw safely. While I have used a chainsaw a lot - I realised that there were a couple of highly crititical techniques which I had been doing wrong and that had the potential for serious injury - bad habits that in time would become more ingrained and risky. Now that I am aware of the correct technique, and the consequence of the wrong technique, the way I operate the chainsaw has changed for good. When I think about the potential injury which could result from my old ways and the personal and financial cost of such an injury, the cost of course is a bargain in comparison. The instruction was fun, energised and clear. (The trainer's) presentation and instruction methodology is relaxed and friendly, but has a serious focus when required. The mix of operating procedures and technical information about the chainsaw was a perfect balance - and I realise now that the two go hand in hand, and also what a finely tuned

  • Chainsaw Training Reviews

    "I found the course exceeded by expectations. The trainer had a great delivery style and was highly technically competent. I learned everything I needed to know and I am now much more confident with my correct maintenance and use of a chainsaw.  I highly enjoyed the training."

    M. Brown, (Wood4Good Pty Ltd), 2019

    "This was an excellent experience from go to wo. I didn't expect a training experience to be thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended."

    B. Boxshall, (Wood4Good Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Great course, I learnt heaps. Thanks (All Skills)."

    J. Sterley, (Kyneton Bushland Resort), 2019

    "Great training facility and excellent course delivery.  Highly recommended."

    D. Brown, (Munchit TreeWorx Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Good service and very informative."

    L. Cox, (Just Trees Central Victoria Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Very informative.  Great teacher/very knowledgeable.  Great practical assessments, very realistic.  Very thorough in chainsaw maintenance.  Was great to cut & trim timber off site.  Would recommend this course/instructor to anyone."

    B. McGrath, (Kyneton Bushland Resort), 2018

    "The course was very good.  Had lots of useful information.  (The trainer) was very hands on and helpful.  (The Admin Manager) was very helpful as well with guiding us on information."

    J. McConaghie, 2018

    "Good course.  Knowledgable instructor.  Learnt a lot."

    C. Avery, 2017

    "Gained some real knowledge.  Course enjoyable.  All staff friendly and easy to understand.  Learnt a lot."

    S. Belôt, 2017

    "Great course & learned good knowledge."

    D. Buckingham, 2017

    "All Skills Services has been an exceptionally professional, thorough & friendly organisation to do my chainsaw course with. I am confident to continue developing my skills personally after receiving a very high standard of training off (the trainer).  The emphasis on safety & risk assessment was excellent."

    A. Carlin, 2016

    "Course content and delivery was excellent and exceeded expectations".

    S. William, 2016

    "Consistent clear delivery of theory, backed up by capable & considerate instruction with lots of great hands-on practice in the field.  All those who participated in the course improved their skills, level of safety and efficiency.  Overall, a valuable two days."

    S. Gamble, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

    "Great course - informative, excellent explanations of techniques + safety.  Great care factor."

    M. Neal, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

    "Nice course with good amount of hands-on work."

    A. Eason, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

    "Received more information than what I thought would be covered.  More enjoyment than learning."

    D. Fisher, (B & D Builders Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Very good (Chainsaw) training.  The instructor makes everything clear and understandable."

    G. Turner, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Small class size made it so much easier to learn (Chainsaw) because the trainer was so available & not too busy with others. The loca

  • Combined Earthmoving Course Training Reviews

    "Learning how to use the equipment (Excavator & Skid Steer Loader) for the first time was a challenge, but it was made easier by the explanation from (the trainer)."

    A. Powell, (City of Boroondara Council), 2018

    "I wish to sincerely thank (All Skills) for your hospitality over my (Excavator & Skid Steer Loader) course time.  (The trainer) is an inspiring, motivational instructor whose methods go well and truly beyond a "classroom environment. Highly recommend to any future students wishing to better themselves. Thank you."

    B. Coyle, 2018

    "Thanks (All Skills) for a great learning experience (one-on-one Excavator & Skid Steer Loader Course).  I'm from Melbourne and chose to travel up to Maryborough in the hope of receiving the knowledge base for which to start a business and become a professional operator of Skid Steers and Excavators.  Received that and much more.  Will find any excuse I can to return."

    S. Barry, 2017

    "The (Excavator & Backhoe/Loader) Course was well conducted and gave me a strong base of knowledge and skills to start operating excavators and backhoes."

    S. Jones, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very comprehensive one-on-one (Excavator & Skid Steer Loader) Course.  Extremely happy with the extra knowledge & skills learnt & would highly recommend to anybody wanting to learn industry skills to the highest standard.  Very good teacher, highly appreciated.  Thanks."

    H. Mitchell, 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

    B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

    "I can thoroughly recommend the equipment training (mini-excavator and skid steer) I received from All Skills facilities in Maryborough.

    Their pre-training course email and phone communications were excellent – prompt, efficient and constructively helpful. They go the extra mile.

    Their Maryborough facilities are very professional and well equipped – training room, outside yard, equipment, discussion meeting points, refreshments, wash rooms.

    (The trainer) is passionate about high competency equipment skills and safety.

    The features of what and how he teaches are support, guidance and excellent feedback in learning and achieving equipment operation competency and optimisation, safety, equipment maintenance, competency assessment, skills certification.

    The benefits are optimised operators – maximizing safety and profitable operation. No stupid practices/no costly mistakes.

    (The trainer) is personable, very open, highly competent and an excellent trainer. He knows his stuff and maintains outstanding rapport – even when the student is learning by mistakes – repeatedly !!

    If you are a "beginner', you are in safe hands. If you are experienced, (the trainer) will respect that and

  • CPR/Defibrillation Training Reviews

    "I found the course very well presented and interactive.  Thanks."

    A. Calder, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Fantastic. Very happy. Learnt a lot."

    J. McRedmond, 2019

    "Thoroughly enjoyed the course, a great way to learn (through examples of prior experience), would recommend course to anyone."

    D. Tierney, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Truly, a valuable asset for everyoe to have. You never know when you might need to assist in someone's life and to have the skills is essential."

    S. Chandler, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

    "(The trainer) has a great understanding and knowledge, and is a valuable asset to the community."

    L. King, (Sensate Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Fun, relaxed learning environment."

    H. Johnson, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

    "All Skills Services is the best First Aid training I have done."

    A. Harrison, 2019

    "The team at All Skills just keep getting better.  The amount you learn is fantastic.  You feel confident after every course to be able to do what you are trained to do."

    G. Fulford, (Sensate Pty Ltd), 2019

    "The training received was very informative and gave a lot of knowledge as for what to do in First Aid training to be competent in administering First Aid."

    J. Clarke, (Sensate Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Excellent as always.  Thanks (All Skills Team)."

    S. Rowland, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Again, another course delivered with high enthusiasm.  Well run, presented and delivered Refresher Course.  Again, would not hesitate to refer others to this course provider."

    C. Bell, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

    "The course is easy to understand and follow.  (The All Skills Team) are patient and very approachable if you have any questions about the course.  The classroom is small and a good size for training - more 1:1 time for students."

    K. Hughes, (Asteria Services Inc.), 2019

    "Once again thanks to (All Skills), for your informative learning procedures.  A pleasure to learn at All Skills."

    D. Cain, (Ian Cain Electrical), 2019

    "Excellent presentation of course details, expectations. Information was delivered in a way to keep you interested & engaged in "the course."

    F. Dekuijer, 2019

    "This course teaches you a lot and (the trainer) ensures you have great knowledge of providing first aid before you leave."

    D. Cain, (Dani Cain Personal Training), 2019

    "(The trainer) shows excellent passion and knowledge when doing his course."

    J. Primmer, (Daily Dose Café), 2019

    "(The trainer) was very thorough in teaching CPR.  The best training I have had in CPR Training."

    M. Gardner, 2019

    "Great course. Very informative. Great trainers. Very educational. Would do it againt through All Skills."

    M. Gambuti, 2019

    "Great informative course."

    A. Palling, (Driscoll Ag), 2019

    "This is my follow up CPR Course and like the first course, I feel (All Skills) do an excellent job, top class training and knowledge that you can't just get out of a book. Enjoyed a lot, great job guys!"

  • Dozer Training Reviews

    "Great response time & well explained course.  Really enjoyed it."

    N. Sabbo, (Parks Victoria, Anglesea), 2018

    "This course was a great course and the flexibility of (All Skills) being able to come to our work location was great.  Course details was first class and the study material was all relevant."

    M. Olafsen, (DELWP), 2017


  • EWP Training Reviews

    "I think the course was well done."

    D. Brodie, (ICE Engineering (VIC) Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Well run, polite."

    P. Lewis, (ICE Engineering (VIC) Pty Ltd), 2019

    "(All Skills) ran a very well structured and perfectly professional and organised weekend course for the EWP."

    D. Terrill, (ICE Engineering (VIC) Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Teaches you all the skills required."

    L. Bond, (ICE Engineering (VIC) Pty Ltd), 2019

    "(The All Skills team) were great; so helpful.  From making a booking with (the Admin Manager) to sitting the course with (the trainer); so helpful."

    B. Matthews, (BMCI), 2019

    "Great place to learn at.  Cheers."

    L. Barnes, 2019

    "Excellent communication. Very thorough training. (The trainer) explained things really well."

    S. Irving, (City of Ballarat), 2019

    "I feel it was a tough but fair course, due to the high level of risk involced, the information needs to be known."

    A, Beggs, (City of Ballarat), 2019

    "This is my second course at All Skills, and I think it is the best place to get licensing as (the Admin Manager) is so polite and helps you with anything, and (the trainer) just really knows how to get information to stick in your mind and really does want you to pass and get the best out of you."

    W. Cain, (Ian Cain Electrical), 2018

    "Fantastic company. I will recommend. Came out with great learning skills and positive safe learning attitude. Thank you."

    D. Arnold, (Sonac Australia), 2018 

    "One of the best RTO's in Victoria.  The training facilities are awesome and the real life based training is great.  You get to properly use the EWPs by yourself.  Probably one of the best ways to learn and feel confident is to have a go by yourself, because you won't feel confident if you haven't tried by yourself."

    D. Martelli, 2016

    "Great course. (The trainer) was well prepared and knowledgeable."

    K. Heathcock, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016


    B. Ure, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

    "The course was very educational.  I learnt a lot about the correct, and safe procedure involved in operating an EWP."

    D. Roche, (Silo Sealing & Waterproofing), 2016

    "All the training was done really well."

    C. Cole, (Silo Sealing & Waterproofing), 2016

    "The training course that I completed with (the trainer) from All Skills Services was very informative and thorough. I learnt a lot of additional things about elevated work platforms and their safe operation. Many thanks to all of the staff at All Skills Services. Highly recommended."

    C. Horner, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

    "I found I learnt a lot by doing this course and (the trainer) was thorough with his teaching and answered any question I had."

    G. Le Blanc, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

    "I found everything to be very professional and relevant to my course. The training was very thorough and there was adequate discussion time factored into the training guides."

    S. Long, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

    "The course conducted by 'All Skil

  • Excavator Training Reviews

    "(The trainer's) humour and knowledge made the course really enjoyable."

    M. Tydeman, (Yarra City Council), 2018

    "Very helpful and informative training. Always felt I was able to clarify anything I had issues with."

    S. Jones, (Yarra City Council), 2018

    "This is my second course with All Skills and once again, I have to recommend them.  (The trainer) has put together a great course; it's structure and content have been put together to make it very practical and if you don't understand something he is great about answering questions and putting it in a way that's understandable.

    M. Asbury, (City of Boroondara Council), 2018

    "After completing the excavator course, I now feel I have the skills necessary to continue developing as an operator."

    A. Booth, (City of Boroondara Council), 2018

    "It was refreshing to do a course that actually taught some skill along with the competencies that had to be obtained.  It would be good if more training focused on skills and real life and less on just ticking boxes."

    P. Wright, 2018

    "(The staff) at All Skills are top class.  This is one of the best training courses I have ever been involved in.  Diligent, professional and with a positive 'no holds bar' approach to creating the best operator that you can be.  The documentation alone that was created is an encyclopedia of information that I will use for decades to come.  Don't mess with the rest, these guys are the best!"

    D. Hudner, 2018

    "Great course and industry knowledge.  Wonderful for coming in on a weekend to conduct it."

    C. Marshall, 2018

    "An excellent course where things are explained and shown in an educational way and able to understand the course."

    C. Jolly, 2017

    "(The trainer's) experience in the workplace was invaluable."

    M. Boyle, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very good course."

    B. Reese, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "I found the course very informative, learning techniques that I didn't know.  I feel more confident about driving the excavator."

    T. O'Brien, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very thorough course.  Learnt a lot of different techniques."

    J. Dwyer, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very detailed theory & practical work.  Very good course.  Learnt a lot about Excavator driving & operation techniques.  (The trainer) is a great trainer in all aspects."

    M. Rowe, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    "Great course.  Learnt an enormous amount regarding Excavator driving an techniques, and operations of machine.  Delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer."

    D. Scown, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

    B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator) course with a great

  • First Aid Training Refresher Reviews

    "Conducted very well. It's good to be refreshed on this course. Some soft skills and knowledge gain. Awesome training."

    N. Hosking, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Very informational and recommend to all as a life skill."

    A.Rich, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Very good trainer."

    A. Milne, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2018

    " Another thorough course.  Good work by the All Skills team.  Thank you."

    P. Lambie, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "(The trainer) provided a wonderfully informative training day.  It's knowledge that sticks."

    S. Rowland, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "The course was informative and gave me all the relevant information.  (The trainer) is a fantastic trainer who teaches you all you need to know."

    J. White, 2016

    "Great course.  Very thorough."

    C. Doran, (Doran Earthmoving), 2016

    "Thank you (All Skills) for a very well presented First Aid course.  See you next time - cheers!"

    R. Tatchell, (Doran Earthmoving), 2016

    "Fantastic course, packed full of information with a fantastic trainer."

    Z. Keith, 2015

  • First Aid Training Reviews


    "Really thorough instructions from (the trainer). Very supportive and understanding team (at All Skills). I had a very effective and efficient learning experience at All Skills Services.  (The Admin Manager) gave me a lovely study guide and an effective and relevant question booklet that helped prepare me for the course. (The trainer) spoke clearly, made jokes and most importantly, taught me about First Aid & CPR."

    B. Solomano, (Maryborough Toyota), 2019

    "Extremely happy with the course. Having a young family, it is good to know first aid in an emergency. (The trainer) is very thorough with information (text) and hands-on experience. Highly recommend it."

    S. Andrews, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2019

    "I found this course to be thorough. It covered everything I needed to know in regards to first aid training. (The All Skills team) are professional, patient and clearly experts in their field."

    S. Day, 2019

    "Really good course. Learnt so much from this first aid course. Only complaint...(the trainer) says his name too much (LOL). (Note from All Skills: Dale uses his name in the third person to help relate information by creating scenarios. We have found that some people get offended if he uses their name in an example, so he uses his own to avoid any offence).

    D. Patterson, (simply Helping), 2019


    "An excellent and thorough training provider that provides experience-based scenarios and practical knowledge achieved to a high level."

    C. Mearns, (Maryborough Toyota), 2019

    "Very organised, informative, helpful, caring. Highly recommended. Thoroughly enjoyed."

    L. Allemand, 2019

    "(The trainer) is an excellent teacher and communicator, very motivating and encouraged interesting group discussions. The content was thorough and good examples were given. I feel like I can perform first aid confidently now - thank you!"

    C. Vanland, 2019

    "Learned a lot and trained us well. Explained very well during the course. Very happy with the outcome and knowledge and skills I have received.  Thanks heaps."

    R. Pankhurst, 2019

    "I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is genuinely the most comprehensive and hollistic first aid course I have undertaken. (The trainer and the Admin Manager) are both extremely friendly, helpful and approachable.  My tea needs were more than adequately met. This Englishman is very happy."

    K. Barber, 2019

    "(The trainer) was an excellent instructor.  There was a lot to learn and it was very full on for two days, and very instructive with reinforcement where necessary. It was certainly not a rote learning experience. I now feel competent and confident should I ever be required to administer First Aid in an emergency."

    D. Mitchell, 2019

    "I found the course was delivered in a manner that made it easy to understand and at a level where the information was easily absorbed."

    K. Geyer, 2019

    "Fantastic delivery of training. Best First Aid training I have ever received. Even after having bee

  • Forklift Training Reviews

    "Fantastic. I am glad I did it and learnt correctly."

    A. Dexter, 2019

    "Very good training, the way you should be trained. It is not handed to you, you have to study and work for it."

    N. Lang, (Sutton Tools Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Thank you, (All Skills), you did a great job in all aspects of the High Risk Work licence training course. The combination of videos, prac, written, verbal and team work, made it easier to learn. I thought the spacing between questions was poor and made it visually harder to complete and unsure you did not miss a question." (Note from All Skills: We thank you for your feedback.  Unfortunately, the mandated assessment is written, formatted, & copyrighted by Safe Work Australia which means that we are not permitted to change anything on the assessment, and this includes the spacing. Please know that many of our students have also commented on this).  

    M. Scholes, (Sutton Tools Pty Ltd), 2019

    "All Skills are very well organised with everything you need prior to attending being sent to you. (The trainer's) knowledge and experience helped my understanding of what was required within the course."

    A. MacDonald, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    "(The trainer) is a good lad."

    M. Wallis, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    "I thought it was a very good course.  It was very practical and straight forward.  I do't think the course should change.  It seems to push you but at the end, you get results.  I, at the end of this forklift course, have no complaints and/or issues."

    E. Thiele, 2019

    "Was a really good experience. Learnt a lot. Within a small course like this, everyone have plenty of time to practice and discuss."

    L. Lee, (City of Yarra), 2019

    "Really enjoyed the three day course with (All Skills). Learnt a lot about the Forklift, not just practical but also the theory. Doing basic math calculations to find out the weight of the load and whether I'm able to lift it.  Highly recommend because he drills everything into your head. Very respectful and very helpful."

    N. Canales, (City of Yarra), 2019

    "Great course. Presented well in lots of detail of all safety requirements. I feel like I've gained valuable knowledge + good understanding of the Forklift operations. These guys really know their stuff! Thanks a million!"

    T. Hyacinthe, (City of Yarra), 2019

    "Actually learnt something in a course.  Very well instructed."

    K. Suat, (City of Yarra), 2019

    "Training materials were well presented.  The training was full on but the trainer explained excellently.  Overall, an enjoyable course."

    G. Smith, (City of Yarra), 2019

    "This course is one of the most intensive I ever done. I really enjoyed it. They give to me the standard things to start to drive a new machine in the best way. Thanks a lot."

    F. Coiro, (City of Yarra), 2019

    "Two thumbs up mate, I finally am able to learn the difference between the left and right side of the brain."

  • Front End Loader Training Reviews

    "Great course. Enjoyed the practical and theory."

    S. Lucas, (Wannon Water), 2019

    "(The team at All Skills) were great to work with and very informative.  I will be looking to get tickets from All Skills in the future."

    J. Penn, (John Holland), 2018

    "Very good."

    M. Danklof, (John Holland), 2018

    "Excellent communications/information.  Would recommend it to other companies."

    S. Napiza, (John Holland), 2018

    "(The trainer) was a very "hands-on" instructor who passed a lot of his practical knowledge onto us.  His hints & tips will be very valuable to our business.  (The Admin Manager) was also a great help with the administration side of the training."

    B. Shanahan, (Crossroads Trading), 2018

    "A very though and informative course that I feel covered all aspects of the knowledge that you need to know in preparation to get your loader licence.  (All Skills) was very helpful and knowledgeable and answered any questions in a manner that was easy to understand.  I recommend All Skills to anyone looking to get a loader licence."

    P. Blizzard, (Crossroads Trading), 2018

    "Very thorough and informative.  Thank you very much, would recommend to everyone."

    R. Leeson, (Crossroads Trading), 2018

    "The course was well presented, enjoyable without too much information, making it easy to understand."

    S. Bradshaw, (Crossroads Trading), 2018

    "Very straight to the point & common sense training for loader operation.  (All Skills) are very approachable & helpful."

    A. Shanahan, (Crossroads Trading), 2018

    "Could not recommend enough! Extremely thorough in everything that was covered.  Given me the confidence in my ability to operate a front end loader in a safe and productive way.  FANTASTIC!"

    C. de Morton, (CSR Gyprock), 2017

    "Good training and very informative."

    D. Webster, (Crossroads Trading), 2017

    "Awesome team! Training materials well documented and a great real world approach.  Thanks!"

    A. Robertson, (Crossroads Trading), 2017

    "Well communication.  Easy to understand.  Very pleasant instructor."

    M. Bevern, (Crossroads Trading), 2017

    "The confidence I gained during this (Skid Steer Loader & Front-End Loader) training was great.  (The trainer) was eager to listen, as well as let me know how I could improve.  Thank you."

    C. Bolton, (Buller Ski Lifts), 2015

  • General Training Reviews

    "All Skills Services is a young (training) company going places. Their ability to adapt training requirements to your needs is very credible.

    All Skills have always been available to discuss training requirements, ensuring that staff receive the latest updates in training, legislative requirements and any other information related to that particular training course.

    I have no problem in recommending All Skills Services. They are friendly, professional, helpful, and go that extra step to help you get your staff trained to your needs."

    A. Lansdowne, (City of Whittlesea), 2013

  • Grader Training Reviews

    "Very professional.  Helpful with everything.  Thorough in everything he taught us.  Highly recommended."

    M. Meade, (Northern Grampians Shire Council), 2018

    "I really enjoyed the course.  I have learned a lot."

    C. Campbell, (Northern Grampians Shire Council), 2018

    "I found the course very informative and well run.  (The trainer) has great knowledge of plant operation and legislative issues.  He is very calm and patient with teaching different methods and explaining OHS and maintenance schedules."

    R. Shiner, (Parks Victoria), 2016

    "Very good course.  Very good training.  Good amount of machine time.  Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful with questions."

    J. Hoskin, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2016

    "I have found the information I gained on this (Roller & Grader) course most beneficial."

    F. Forssman, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2015

    "Great service. Good mix of theory and practical hands-on (Roller & Grader Course) training. Most enjoyable."

    G. Smith (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2014

  • Refresher Course Testimonials

    Backhoe/Loader Refresher Course - "Good refresher course - covered all apects of Backhoe/Loader operation."

    P. Nuthall, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Backhoe/Loader Refresher Course - "Very good training course. Very knowledgeable trainer."

    C. Wigney, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Backhoe/Loader Refresher Course - "Very good course - well communicated & explained. Good mix of theory & practice. Good with small work group."

    M. Woodland, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Backhoe/Loader Refresher Course - "I found the training to be very insightful and delivered in a friendly and professional way."

    A. Jamieson, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Backhoe/Loader Refresher Course - "Great course.  The instructor had great knowledge of my needs (Backhoe)."

    P. Lewis, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Backhoe/Loader Refresher Course - "I found the course very helpful, and will help me when working for the C.O.W."

    B. Dann, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Backhoe/Loader Refresher Course - "Enjoyed every minute of it."

    B. Jurukovski, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Tractor Safety Awareness Refresher Course - "Very informative. All things covered."

    M. Brewer, (Wannon Water), 2019

    Excavator Refresher Course - "Very happy with the whole day's course."

    G. Patton, (Wannon Water), 2019

    Excavator Refresher Course - "Course was very good and covered all aspects. Learnt plenty of information."

    G. Fleuchar, (Wannon Water), 2019

    Excavator Refresher Course - "(The trainer) has a vast knowledge of the industry.  His personal previous experience allows an in-depth sight to the course."

    M. Boyle, (Wannon Water), 2019

    Excavator Refresher Course - "(The trainer) was a great trainer with a lot of knowledge."

    E. Andrawos, (Wannon Water), 2019

    Excavator Refresher Course - "Great course. Trainer had great knowledge of the subject."

    A. Sullivan, (Wannon Water), 2019

    Excavator Refresher Course - "Course was good for a refresher.  Covered all topics at good speed for all participants."

    C. Tunstall, (Wannon Water), 2019

    Forklift Supervisor Daily Inspection Training - "The course was very helpful in showing us how to make sure the forklift drivers are doing their checks and being safe while driving.  And making sure to be aware of all surroundings and fixtures that can be issues as well, and people and their personalities come into play as well."

    A. Murdoch, (Hugo Boss Australia), 2016

    Forklift Refresher Course - "Helps me maintain and utilise what skills I have as a forklift operator with OH&S safety procedures."

    T. Vahua, (Hugo Boss Australia), 2016

    Forklift Refresher Course - "(All Skills') Refresher Course helped in all aspects of driving, safety and OH&S on the Forklifts.  Would highly recommend!"

    N. Kardakovski, (Hugo Boss Australia), 2016

    Skid Steer Loader Refresher Course - "Cat 444E Loader/Backhoe, Kubota S75, Hyundai HL 740-9 Front-End Loader - I felt the entire training with the (3) three machines listed wit

  • Roller Training Reviews

    "An excellent teaching environment and outcomes.  I learnt far more than I expected, and am more confident than I could have hoped.  (All Skills) excel in what they do."

    D. Fletcher, 2018

    "I have found the information I gained on this (Roller & Grader) course most beneficial."

    F. Forssman, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2015

    "Great service. Good mix of theory and practical hands-on (Roller & Grader Course) training. Most enjoyable."

    G. Smith, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2014

  • Safety Awareness Training Reviews

    Backhoe/Loader Operations Safety Awareness Course - "Enjoyed the Backhoe course with (the trainer)."

    B. Norton, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Height & Ladder Safety Awareness Course - "Well presented and great knowledge by (the trainer) - been a pleasure to sit and learn about the topic at hand. Excellently done - Good work (All Skills)."

    R. Barulovski, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Height & Ladder Safety Awareness Course - "The awareness and knowledge obtained from this course and the way it was conducted was A-one!"

    J. Vella, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Height & Ladder Safety Awareness Course - "I found that this was very good, and I have learnt a lot from it. (The trainer is a good teacher and his knowledge is very broad."

    K. Broadway, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Height & Ladder Safety Awareness Course - "Very helpful. Course was great."

    B. Patterson, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Height & Ladder Safety Awareness Course - "Have had (the trainer) previously & he was at his best today."

    N. Clark, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    Height & Ladder Safety Awareness Course - "The service the was given was easy to take in."

    R. Pocock, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

  • Scissor Lift Training Reviews

    "The course was very clear & detailed. I learnt a lot more about Scissor Lifts than what I previously knew."

    J. Hinsley, (Kestrel Manufacturing), 2018

    "Very useful course, now I know what checks I must do, & do them every time I use the Scissor Lift."

    A. Traini, (Kestrel Manufacturing), 2018

    "All information was vocalised clearly and easy to understand."

    C. Wallace, (Kestrel Manufacturing), 2018

    "Very satisfied with the service. Good communication and understanding. Highly recommend to any personnel. Thanks very much and appreciated."

    D. Turner, (Kestrel Manufacturing), 2018

    "Great course.  (The trainer) was well prepared and knowledgeable."

    K. Heathcock, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016


    B. Ure, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

    "Great training, very thorough & enjoyable."

    D. Muldeary, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Very excellent well indepth course, very informative.  Highly recommend."

    R. Milley, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Great training and great knowledge."

    A. Turley, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Great class, great knowledge and experience."

    N. Agnew, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    " Very professional (Scissor Lift Course) from the start to finish.  Well presented, very informative. (The trainer) went above and beyond."

    D. Howard, 2015

    "A pleasure to have (the trainer) as our trainer, a real bloke's bloke, honest, dedicated, and reasonable with great knowledge to back him up. Again, a pleasure. (Scissor Lift Course)"

    A. Rafihi (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

    "Excellent (Scissor Lift) training - communicated clearly and enthusiastically. It's obvious (the trainer) is passionate about what he does and the end goal is not to just get a certificate/licence, but for everyone to have good knowledge of what they are doing and to enjoy doing it!"

    J. Field, (Encompass Church), 2014

    "Great instructor, made me feel much more confident to operate the Scissor Lift. The opportunity to learn how to operate and takle site problems is really useful and great!"

    Y. Prawiro, (Encompass Church), 2014

    "Well presented (Scissor Lift Course) & (the trainer) had an excellent knowledge & workplace experience."

    D. Bourke (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

    "I would like to express my gratitiude and sincere thanks to All Skills Services for their assistance in the completion of my certificates in Scissor Lift, High Risk Elevating Platform and my White Card in the Construction Industry.

    They were most diligent, professional and knowledgeable in their training and I thoroughly enjoyed it, leaving confident in my ability to operate all machinery trained on.

    I cannot speak highly enough of All Skills and would not hesitate to recommend them to any individual or company."

    W.P. Furlong, 2013

    "The content, background knowledge and understanding shown in this (Scissor Lift & High Risk EWP) course was far greater than I expected. Passionate, enthusiastic & experienced teacher made for a beneficial & enjoyable learning experience."


  • Skid Steer Loader Training Reviews

    "All Skills Services provided a very detailed & complex study guide.  It was an excellent learning tool.  The trainer provided & showed his experience in various industries and life in general."

    I. Conrick, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

    "I think the course, it was great, and my knowledge, it is a lot better and I understand a lot more.  The trainer is qualified enough to teach in different ways to me understanding the point or idea."

    O. Paredes Hildago, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

    "I found it very helpful and I didn't think I could drive a skid steer, but after the course I found that I could do it and (the trainer) was very helpful."

    P. Hood, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

    "(The trainer) is a great bloke, very informative and thorough.  (The trainer) has real life knowledge and knows his stuff.  Top bloke!"

    J. Gardiner, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

    "Very good course.  Learnt so much from (the trainer). Enjoyed the two day course. Would recommend to other company or people. Wouldn't change a thing. 10/10 :)  Helped me learn so much about Skid Steer."

    N. Canales, (City of Yarra Open Space), 2016

    "Very informative, good presentation, well worth doing, learning more than just operating levers."

    P.O'Connell, (City of Yarra Open Space), 2016

    "Trainer is incredibly knowledgeable in many areas allowing for you to get a complete understanding of the task at hand.  Very friendly, yet makes sure you are up to standards."

    C. Jansz, (City of Yarra Open Space), 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

    B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

    "(Skid Steer Loader) course was very well run."

    S. Bennett, (City of Yarra), 2015

    "Explanation of theory and practical was very thorough.  Learned heaps in the training and built confidence."

    E. Mariona, (City of Yarra), 2015

    "The (Skid Steer Loader) course was very informative and I had to actually give my full attention the whole time. The teacher is very resourceful and knows what he is talking about."

    L. Grech, (City of Yarra), 2015

    "(Skid Steer Loader) Course was very thorough.  It factors in differrent learning styles including DVD's, book learning and on-site training.  Very in-depth."

    S. Daniell, (City of Yarra), 2015

    "I have attended many courses, few of them are as thorough and professional as All Skills Services."

    T. Goodwin, 2015

    "Good (Skid Steer Loader) course.  Well presented.  Greath knowledge of machines and what was required from participants."

     D. Scown, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2015

    "Overall, the course was run very smoothly.  I got plenty of time in the

  • Tractor Training Reviews


    "Course was very informal and the trainer had good knowledge and experience. Overall, I was satisfied with the training."

    S. Jones, (Wannon Water), 2019

    "Great course. (The trainer) is a freindly & knowledgeable man. Very happy with this course and learnt a lot. Good presentation. Thank you."

    S. McGregor, 2019

    "(The trainer) went through the Tractor Manual to clarify all requestes for detailed information on the operation of our new Massey Ferguson. Then we proceeded to the practical operation of the tractor and various attachments which was very enlightening."

    B. McGregor, 2019

    "Growing a contracting business in Agriculture is exciting and challenging.  As my team grows, investing in their skills through proper accredited training is most important for safety and productivity.  We cannot avoid performing high-risk work and as an employer, providing the right training and keeping the correct records is necessary to ensure a safe work place and successful business.  Dealing with OH&S can be overwhelming.  Whilst a specific 'licence' is not required to drive a tractor or operate a chainsaw, how do I ensure and prove I have provided all the necessary training to my employees? It was a question All Skills Services Pty Ltd were able to help me answer.  (All Skills) is a small business and (their team) know the challenges first hand.  Their passion for their business is only surpassed by their passion for seeing people grow in skills and confidence to achieve their full potential. Their professionalism harnesses both their experience and passion as they, not only provided first class training in Tractor and Chainsaw Safety Awareness and Operation, but have resourced my business with practical material to ensure we are compliant.  (The trainer) is a very experienced operator in many fields and an engaging teacher.  He provided on-site training for my team using our tractor and attachments.  The Chainsaw course is fabuously resourced to provide practical training at their site in Maryborough.  My team consists of highly experienced operators and novices.  All of us have come away from our training experience with All Skills Services Pty Ltd with positive outcomes both in our skill levels and overall confidence in each other as a team."

    A. Ettles, (Cultura Farming), 2018

    "Fantastic course, learnt so many new things that I didn't already know.  Thank you!!"

    C. Connelly, (Cultura Farming), 2018

    "Excellent course.  Very well done."

    S. Evans, (Cultura Farming), 2018

    "Overall an excellent course. Very informative and strict on the dangers & safety to do with operating a tractor."

    M. Hooper, (Citywide), 2015

    "As always, an excellent course (Tractor)."

    B. Morgan, (City of Whittlesea) 2015

    "Yeah, great guy to learn off. Kept the (Tractor) class interesting."

    A. Sazdov, (City of Whittlesea) 2015

    "Very high quality of training and very knowledgeable trainer. Happy and confident to operate a Tractor by mysel

  • Vehicle Loading Crane Training Reviews

    "I travelled from Melbourne to do my CV crane course with All Skills.  (The trainer) was an outstanding trainer, very helpful and knowledgeable.  (The Admin Manager) was very organised with the office stuff.  I got sent out a lot of review materials to help me prepare for the course."

    K. Najibi, 2019

    "The course was informative, constructive and has created a vauable asset to have."

    G. Pendlebury, 2019

    "Very well presented.  Helpful & practical advice."

    P. Gomez, (Swanlec Pty Ltd), 2019

    "3 days is not enough time." (Note from All Skills: This was an experienced operator course, and the study packs were sent out more than a month before the course).  

    B. Mustoe, (Swanlec Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Awesome training. Walked away knowing way more than what I knew before.  Would strongly recommend."

    T. Mitchem, (Interflow Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Good training. Learnt a lot in 4 days. Learnt how to crane different loads, different sizes, not just the one thing."

    K. Pyle, (Interflow Pty Ltd), 2018

    "I came here with little knowledge of crane lifting. After spending 3 days with (the All Skills team), I would have no hesitation in sending anybody to All Skills to do their training. The knowledge (the trainer) has is second to none, and the professionalism of (the Admin Manager) is outstanding with all information being sent out to you in plenty of time to study for the course."

    B. Bennetts, (Skinners Ballarat), 2018

    "The course was extremely detailed and it gave me a good opportunity to get to know all areas of the industry."

    A. Scott, (Craig's Cranes & Trucks), 2018

    "(All Skills) were fantastic to deal with.  They worked in me to get me trained (Vehicle Loading Crane < 10 Metre tonnes) and up to speed ASAP, and their customer service is second to none.  They genuinely went above and beyond.  Couldn't recommend more."

    J. Hudson, (Hudson Crane Trucks), 2018

    "(The trainer) was great to work with, very knowledgeable, has a great amount of experience, & can really relate to our situations."

    L. O'Hehir, (Skinners Plaster & Building Supplies, Ballarat), 2017

    "Very well informed.  Great to get the training done properly and come away well informed and confident to do the job."

    T. MacDonell, (Skinners Plaster & Building supplies, Maryborough), 2017

    "All Skills are very nice.  Very intelligent, co-operative, soft spoken.  I am glad to come to All Skills.  Got an opportunity to learn more about my skills.  It will help in my business to improve my work and SWMS.  They explain to me more about the skills out of the world.  Thanks All Skills.  I will recommend All Skills for every course."

    S. Kumar, (Pakenham Crane Trucks), 2016

    "It has been a good experience to be taught the correct way to conduct yourself in a high risk licence and the knowledge I will leave with will help me to be a better person to apply myself to my job in a professional manner."

    M. Waldron, (Flat Glass Supplies Industries), 2016

    "No co

  • White Card Training Reviews

    "Very thorough training with a trainer that has good industry experience."

    R. Westgarth, (Cultura Farming), 2019

    "It was really good. Covered what we needed with interactions and a lot communication."

    M. Trevarthen, 2019

    "Excellent. Couldn't recommend (the trainer) any higher. Great bloke and bloody good at his job. Made the final test a breeze. Can't thank him enough."

    B. Harrison, (Doran Earthmoving Pty Ltd), 2019

    "Fantastic course & trainer. (The trainer) was engaging and made the course both interesting and easy to follow."

    J. Moore, 2019

    "One of the best course I have done. The trainer was good at explaining the topics. He made the course fun."

    R.Murray, (Northern Belting Pty Ltd), 2019

    "I thought the course outline was very good. Good examples of everyday situations on construction sites. Well dicussed and convered. Easy to understand."

    S. Kynigopoulos, (City of Whittlesea), 2019


    R. Maile, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    "(The trainer) used real life explanations and gave more info than needed."

    J. Gauci, (Green Power Solutions), 2019

    "Friendly, informative course facilitator.  Easy pace and great learnings through experiences."

    G. Tierney, (City of Whittlesea), 2019

    "Was very informative and a great learning environment."

    C. Jennings, 2019

    "The training course overall was good. The training gave me all types of help.  Thank you."

    JB Singh, 2019

    "It was very educational. I learnt the variety and that some hazards are more complex. For example, most people would think if there was any type of fire, you use a water fire extinguisher, but no, electrical fires need CO2, so it was very good."

    B. Leigh, (St. Arnaud Secondary College), 2019

    "I found the course to be very interesting and gathering all the info and knowing more about OHS and what the employers and employees do and the demonstrations shown was great and very helpful."

    E. McIntyre, (St. Arnaud Secondary College), 2019

    "I found the course educational and easy to understand."

    F. Bourke, (Charlton College), 2019

    "Very good lot, (the trainer) definitely knows what he is talking about. And goes into great depth."

    A. Freeman, (St. Arnaud Secondary College), 2019

    "It was a really good course and I'm glad I have done it. Throughout the course I have learnt a lot."

    J. Hicks, (St. Arnaud Secondary College), 2019

    "The whole experience was great. Heaps of useful information. Very happy (the trainer) ran the course. He is a very eise and intelligent man."

    C. Baldock, (St. Arnaud Secondary College), 2019

    "(The trainer) is very good at passing information on, he is happy to help and find out info relating to OHS. Thanks (All Skills). I was good to meet you both. Great training."

    C. Cauchi, 2019

    "Awesome training. Awesome people. Very well set up. Plenty of information. Very well presented."

    E. Goretic, (Rentokil), 2019

    "Course was well structured and information provided was clea

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