Telehandler Training at Three Bridges Thoroughbreds: a result of successful business networking

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(Some of the team at Three Bridges Thoroughbreds after completing training with Dale, from All Skills Services, on recommendation from Eastman Lynch).

All Skills Services was recently contracted to deliver competency based training to several staff at Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, after being recommended by Eastman Lynch. 

This training came about through a successful business network involving these three business entities of differing fields: 

All Skills Services, Maryborough, VIC:

A fully insured and accredited fee-for-service Registered Training Organisation (RTO), whose aim is to provide quality training and assessment services to enable individuals to pursue their goals and aspirations, and to give them the confidence in the knowledge and skills that they have learned, to achieve them.

Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington, VIC:

A key focus area of the Three Bridges Thoroughbreds (TBT’s) Strategic Plan is centred around ‘Quality’ – and striving to be the best, whether this be with regards to stock, staff, farm, clients etc., and in particular safety.

TBT’s have produced a quality OH&S manual for staff and contractor reference, and are committed to continual improvement across all areas of the business.

It was this driving commitment, that lead TBT’s representatives to meet with Eastman Lynch - an OH&S consulting firm who specialise in advising and supporting businesses to comply with their legal obligations.  Managing Director of Eastman Lynch, Mr Dale Eastman reviewed the comprehensive manual and made some initial recommendations with regards to developing specific health and safety management systems and also provided training recommendations. 

One important training recommendation was for identified staff to be well versed in using JCB machinery, hence the recommendation to engage All Skills Services Pty Ltd to provide such training.

It’s envisaged that further upskilling and training of the team will become an integral part of the business as TBT’s becomes more proficient in all we do.

For further information on Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, visit their website at

Eastman Lynch, Bendigo, VIC:

Eastman Lynch offers health and safety consultancy services to small and medium size businesses to assist them meet their health and safety obligations.

They focus on working with businesses to tailor solutions that meet their requirements using the current staff and resources that they have on hand.

They provide a range of services include developing business specific health and safety management systems to conducting site safety inspections and risk assessments.

They also work with contracting companies to meet tender requirements.

As part of the services that Eastman Lynch offer, they seek the support of businesses in allied fields who are able to provide their clients with other services such as training.

Eastman Lynch were pleased to be able to recommend All Skills Services as their preferred training provider due to the high quality of their work and their excellent customer service they provide to their clients.

For further information on Eastman Lynch and the services they provide, visit their website at or contact them on 1300 137 929.


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