Please note that some of our policies & procedures, and course fees have changed.  Click on the links below for the updated information.

pdfInformation Handbook (includes Cancellations & Refunds, and Complaints Policy & Procedure)   (updated for 01/01/2020)

pdfCOVID-19 Virus - Information for students of All Skills Services  (as from 23/03/2020)

pdfRequirements for applying for a High Risk Licence (valid from 01/10/2012) (updated for 18/03/2020)

pdfEnrolment Information (as from 01/01/2015)

pdfWhat is a USI & why do I need one?  (as from 01/01/2015) (updated 26/08/2019)

pdfDetails of Training Locations - Maryborough  (updated 01/11/2015)

pdfDetails of Training Locations - Thomastown (as from 16/11/2015)

pdfOn-Site Training and/or Assessments  (as from 27/11/2014)

pdfWorkplace Competency Course/Assessments (as from 27/11/2014)




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