• 30- or 35-tonne Excavator Training Reviews

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  • Backhoe/Loader Training Reviews

    "Very well organised.  Teacher backed up with educational background as well as experience from different sites and conditions.  I can strongly recommend to use All Skills to get real knowledge with many field life experience which you just can't learn off the books"

    M. Nejepsa, (City of Yarra), 2018

    "The best course I have done in a very long time.  Lots of information about the safety and use of the (Backhoe/Loader).  Would highly recommend to everyone.  Feel a lot more comfortable using the (Backhoe/Loader) now than what I did two weeks ago.  10/10."

    N. Canales, (City of Yarra), 2017

    "Instructor was very informative & has acquired a lot of knowledge which he continuously kept passing on.  He goes over same information to ensure it really sticks and that you walk away feeling like you actually know what you're doing."

    C. Jansz, (City of Yarra), 2017

    "Second course with (the trainer) & All Skills.  Much like the first course, I feel a more competent operator after the past 3-day course."

    M. Jury, (Urban Maintenance Systems), 2017

    "Very good.  I feel like I can use the machine safely."

    R. Thomas, (Urban Maintenance Sysems), 2017

    "A well-run course with relevant information to what we will utilize the Lader/Backhoe for.  Information was clear and made sense."

    A. Malmström, (Urban Maintenance Systems), 2017

    "Very well explained in all aspects.  Great practical and all around good course.  Learnt a lot."

    J. Smith, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Most educational course I have completed in the past 5 years.  You really learn about the dangers that are out there and how you can prevent or minimize those risks."

    E. Mariona, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Course was great.  (The trainer) gives you a lot of knowledge."

    S. Bennett, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "All Skills Training was great.  Trainer was very good on the training, and my course was excellent."

    R. McCleery, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Good training, in-depth knowledge.  Hands-on training helps build confidence."

    S. Daniell, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "(The trainer) was a wealth of knowledge, even outside of the course we were doing."

    M. Tydeman, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Very thorough in the training.  Very passionate and I very much enjoyed learning from (the trainer).

    L. Grech, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Very informative,  (The trainer) shows there's no substitution for experience."

    J. Athanasi, (City of Yarra), 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

    B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

  • Chainsaw Safety Training Reviews

    "Thanks for very comprehensive (Chainsaw Safety Awareness) Course - pity not more time!"

    M. Johns, (Maranatha Christian School), 2015

    "Great.  Learnt heaps about chainsaws and the use of chainsaws."

    P. Lane, (Maranatha Christian School), 2013

  • Chainsaw Training Reviews

    "Good course.  Knowledgable instructor.  Learnt a lot."

    C. Avery, 2017

    "Gained some real knowledge.  Course enjoyable.  All staff friendly and easy to understand.  Learnt a lot."

    S. Belôt, 2017

    "Great course & learned good knowledge."

    D. Buckingham, 2017

    "All Skills Services has been an exceptionally professional, thorough & friendly organisation to do my chainsaw course with. I am confident to continue developing my skills personally after receiving a very high standard of training off (the trainer).  The emphasis on safety & risk assessment was excellent."

    A. Carlin, 2016

    "Course content and delivery was excellent and exceeded expectations".

    S. William, 2016

    "Consistent clear delivery of theory, backed up by capable & considerate instruction with lots of great hands-on practice in the field.  All those who participated in the course improved their skills, level of safety and efficiency.  Overall, a valuable two days."

    S. Gamble, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

    "Great course - informative, excellent explanations of techniques + safety.  Great care factor."

    M. Neal, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

    "Nice course with good amount of hands-on work."

    A. Eason, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

    "Received more information than what I thought would be covered.  More enjoyment than learning."

    D. Fisher, (B & D Builders Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Very good (Chainsaw) training.  The instructor makes everything clear and understandable."

    G. Turner, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Small class size made it so much easier to learn (Chainsaw) because the trainer was so available & not too busy with others. The location felt appropriate & wasn't hard to find."

    M. Drenen, 2015

    "(The trainer) is a very, very passionate man who runs an extremely challenging (Chainsaw) course!. However, unlike other courses offered, I feel well prepared and confident with the chainsaw skills I have
    acquired. (The trainer) is an excellent role model and a man who loves helping people. I am extremely impressed and would recommend All Skills Services to anyone."

    H. Hatcher, 2014

    "As I have some industry experience, I was not sure how good the course would be, however every day was excellent and I how feel much more confident using a chainsaw."

    B. Hughes, 2014

    "Great (Chainsaw) course. Instructor was easy to approach & helpful."

    D. Reynolds, (Accolade Wines), 2014

    "Excellent (Chainsaw) training. Gained a lot from it."

    B. Freedman, (Accolade Wines), 2014

    "Awesome (Chainsaw) course. Would definitely recommend."

    J. Hatch, (Accolade Wines), 2014

    "To any person or persons out there who wants a great instructor & great class with a professional attitude & attention to detail, do this (Chainsaw) course! Absolutely outstanding! If not the best comprehensive course I've ever done!"

    S. Prowd, (Accolade Wines), 2014

    "I feel much more confident in handling & maintaining a chainsaw. The course format & infor

  • Combined Earthmoving Course Training Reviews

    "Thanks (All Skills) for a great learning experience (one-on-one Excavator & Skid Steer Loader Course).  I'm from Melbourne and chose to travel up to Maryborough in the hope of receiving the knowledge base for which to start a business and become a professional operator of Skid Steers and Excavators.  Received that and much more.  Will find any excuse I can to return."

    S. Barry, 2017

    "The (Excavator & Backhoe/Loader) Course was well conducted and gave me a strong base of knowledge and skills to start operating excavators and backhoes."

    S. Jones, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very comprehensive one-on-one (Excavator & Skid Steer Loader) Course.  Extremely happy with the extra knowledge & skills learnt & would highly recommend to anybody wanting to learn industry skills to the highest standard.  Very good teacher, highly appreciated.  Thanks."

    H. Mitchell, 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

    B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

    "I can thoroughly recommend the equipment training (mini-excavator and skid steer) I received from All Skills facilities in Maryborough.

    Their pre-training course email and phone communications were excellent – prompt, efficient and constructively helpful. They go the extra mile.

    Their Maryborough facilities are very professional and well equipped – training room, outside yard, equipment, discussion meeting points, refreshments, wash rooms.

    (The trainer) is passionate about high competency equipment skills and safety.

    The features of what and how he teaches are support, guidance and excellent feedback in learning and achieving equipment operation competency and optimisation, safety, equipment maintenance, competency assessment, skills certification.

    The benefits are optimised operators – maximizing safety and profitable operation. No stupid practices/no costly mistakes.

    (The trainer) is personable, very open, highly competent and an excellent trainer. He knows his stuff and maintains outstanding rapport – even when the student is learning by mistakes – repeatedly !!

    If you are a "beginner', you are in safe hands. If you are experienced, (the trainer) will respect that and ensure you receive comprehensive skills enhancement.

    Go with All Skills – a wise decision."

    D. Powell, (Oscar Mining Pty Ltd), 2015

  • CPR/Defibrillation Training Reviews

    "The course was very informative & helpful.  Easy to understand."

    K. Hands, (Sonac Australia), 2017

    "Very informational and would recommend to others."

    A. Rich, (Sonac Australia), 2017

    "Course very good and informative."

    A. Milne, (Sonac Australia), 2017

    "After training, I am confident to perform CPR & First Aid."

    J. turner, (JN Turner Contracting), 2017

    "Very efficient, yet everything seemed to be covered in detail."

    R. Bailey, 2017

    "Very well explained and great to see real life scenarios."

    L. Simpson, 2017

    "Great.  Good revision.  Good time frame."

    C. Doran, (Doran Earthmoving), 2017

    "Well explained course.  Very happy with outcome."

    M. Baker, (Doran Earthmoving), 2017

    "Very thorough.  Enjoyable course too!"

    M. Kennedy, 2017

    "Thank you! A very informed course.  Good to see passion in what you're informing people about CPR.  Keep up the good work."

    R. Tatchell, (Doren Earthmoving), 2017

    "This is proper training, not reading out of a text book by instructor. The most relevant & inspirational course I have ever completed in relation to First Aid/CPR."

    G. Pollock, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2016

    "Finally, someone who tells it like it is.  And who does the training properly, instead of just "ticking the box."  Thank you for giving me the right knowledge to be able to do things confidently, and doesn't fill my mind up with unnecessary rubbish."

    S. Leyland, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

    "This course is accurate & to the point but in a very clear understanding way.  It is good to see things being explained & demonstrated clearly until understood by all & not just brushed over & signed off."

    D. Robson, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

    "The course was well run and the trainer knew what he was talking about and ran an interesting training course.  And I would recommend it to anyone."

    P. Flenley, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

    "Great course.  Learnt heaps.  Well explained by instructor."

    D. Lindsay, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

    "Very happy with training and will hopefully be back."

    A. Rich, (Sonac Australia), 2016

    "Very informative."

    A. Milne, (Sonac Australia), 2016

    "(The trainer) covered everything in CPR refresher course.  It was the first time I have seen a defibrillator attached & to have it applied whilst particpating in CPR.  (The trainer) was a very good instructor."

    G. Argall, (DHHS), 2016

    "(All Skills) were great.  Lots of information and helped out when needed."

    A. Cunningham, (DHHS), 2016

    "(All Skills) very efficient, conscientious & knowledgeable about this course.  Today I learnt how to use a Defibrillator which is very important.  They run their business like a well oiled machine."

    S. Shay, (DHHS), 2016

    "A very informative session. (All Skills) did all they could to provide CPR training at very short notice."

    C. Bottriell, (DHHS), 2016

    "(The trainer's) teaching technique is incredible.  Confident to perform CPR if situ

  • Dozer Training Reviews

    "This course was a great course and the flexibility of (All Skills) being able to come to our work location was great.  Course details was first class and the study material was all relevant."

    M. Olafsen, (DELWP), 2017


  • EWP Training Reviews

    "One of the best RTO's in Victoria.  The training facilities are awesome and the real life based training is great.  You get to properly use the EWPs by yourself.  Probably one of the best ways to learn and feel confident is to have a go by yourself, because you won't feel confident if you haven't tried by yourself."

    D. Martelli, 2016

    "Great course. (The trainer) was well prepared and knowledgeable."

    K. Heathcock, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016


    B. Ure, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

    "The course was very educational.  I learnt a lot about the correct, and safe procedure involved in operating an EWP."

    D. Roche, (Silo Sealing & Waterproofing), 2016

    "All the training was done really well."

    C. Cole, (Silo Sealing & Waterproofing), 2016

    "The training course that I completed with (the trainer) from All Skills Services was very informative and thorough. I learnt a lot of additional things about elevated work platforms and their safe operation. Many thanks to all of the staff at All Skills Services. Highly recommended."

    C. Horner, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

    "I found I learnt a lot by doing this course and (the trainer) was thorough with his teaching and answered any question I had."

    G. Le Blanc, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

    "I found everything to be very professional and relevant to my course. The training was very thorough and there was adequate discussion time factored into the training guides."

    S. Long, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

    "The course conducted by 'All Skills Services' was excellent overall. Very thorough and professional with their knowledge and support.  Would not hesitate to do other courses with them at all."

    Kurt Watts, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

    "(The trainer of the EWP course) has great understanding of OHS of Australia and wants to have his students as much skills in OHS as he does. He is very passionate and deserves to have a very high quality skill level from his students."

    T. Foote, (Visionstream), 2014

    "(The trainer) was very enthusiastic with the (EWP) course. Great knowledge of the subject."

    J. Fairburn, (Visionstream), 2014

    "An eye opener to the skill sets required to use and manage an EWP."

    M. Brick, (Visionstream), 2014

    "I feel the diagrams and pictures were good but I feel the writing of the questions (EWP - High Risk Licence) could be in layman terms. More easier to understand."

    R. Kelly, 2014

    "The information books (EWP - High Risk Licence) were very simple i.e. school kids."

    B. Freedman, (Accolade Wines), 2014

    "Very passionate instructor/owner. Very experienced in different trade and engineering field. Genuinely knows and ensures trainee has achieved the level of skill (EWP)."

    I. Panniker, (Select Solutions), 2014

    "I feel the course teaching was good but the assessment with oral gives the trainer idea of the candidate's capability rather than with respect to the written oral test, however the trainer was good and delivered in ri

  • Excavator Training Reviews

    "Great course and industry knowledge.  Wonderful for coming in on a weekend to conduct it."

    C. Marshall, 2018

    "An excellent course where things are explained and shown in an educational way and able to understand the course."

    C. Jolly, 2017

    "(The trainer's) experience in the workplace was invaluable."

    M. Boyle, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very good course."

    B. Reese, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "I found the course very informative, learning techniques that I didn't know.  I feel more confident about driving the excavator."

    T. O'Brien, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very thorough course.  Learnt a lot of different techniques."

    J. Dwyer, (Wannon Water), 2017

    "Very detailed theory & practical work.  Very good course.  Learnt a lot about Excavator driving & operation techniques.  (The trainer) is a great trainer in all aspects."

    M. Rowe, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    "Great course.  Learnt an enormous amount regarding Excavator driving an techniques, and operations of machine.  Delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer."

    D. Scown, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

    B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

    "Excellent (Excavator) course with a great teacher."

    S. Rodgers, 2015

    "As a New Zealander moving to Australia, I needed to acquire my excavator ticket to continue working in the construction industry.  I found the (All Skills) team extremely helpful in finding out what I needed to do to get it.  They were very thorough explaining all the different rules and regulations.  I learned a lot and would definitely use the team for any future tickets."

    B. Meager-Wadley, 2015

    "I didn't have a lot of knowledge before the training on (Excavator) operation for earthworks. After finishing the training, I feel very confident to understand the procedures as well as risk & hazards to operate the machine. With some practice, I can become a good operator. Thanks to (All Skills) for delivering the training with great passion."

    J. Dib Gomez, (Permacultura Mexico), 2015

    "The (Excavator) course was really good. It taught me things I didn't expect to learn, but when working in the industry, needed to learn. The instructor was a great help and made things easy to learn."

    C. Leech, 2015

    "(Excavator) Training package was informative and more information than was actually required. It was delivered by a team who are passionate and enthusiastic about providing quality training for now and future. Thank you (All Skills)!"

    G. Hogan, 2015

    "I was given an amazing amount of (Excavator) knowledge, pointers, advice, and safety practices that I can take away with me to any site I work on. (The trai

  • First Aid Training Refresher Reviews

    " Another thorough course.  Good work by the All Skills team.  Thank you."

    P. Lambie, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "(The trainer) provided a wonderfully informative training day.  It's knowledge that sticks."

    S. Rowland, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "The course was informative and gave me all the relevant information.  (The trainer) is a fantastic trainer who teaches you all you need to know."

    J. White, 2016

    "Great course.  Very thorough."

    C. Doran, (Doran Earthmoving), 2016

    "Thank you (All Skills) for a very well presented First Aid course.  See you next time - cheers!"

    R. Tatchell, (Doran Earthmoving), 2016

    "Fantastic course, packed full of information with a fantastic trainer."

    Z. Keith, 2015

  • First Aid Training Reviews


    "Was made to feel very comfortable and loved the way the context of course was delivered.  Highly recommend."

    A. Palling, (Driscoll Ag Pty Ltd), 2017

    "Standards, training, fantastic.  I feel extremely confident in what I have learnt.  Happy to recommend (All Skills) for all your trainings.  You hold a very high standard.  Excellent job to (All Skills).  Thank you."

    R. Edwards, (Driscoll Ag Pty Ltd), 2017

    "Very enjoyable course.  I now have a well-rounded understanding of First Aid.  Highly recommend to any other employers around Maryborough."

    N. Hoban, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "(The trainer) runs an in-depth, thorough and well communicated First Aid Course.  Caters for all learning types and seems to sincerely care about making sure you walk away with actual competency and confidence in your training.  (The Admin Manager) made enrolling and understanding expectations a breeze."

    T. Stewart, 2017

    "Enjoyed to be instructed & educated in a proven way.  As a student, I have grown through this course and feel as though I'm better prepared than I have been previously to deal with first aid assistance to my work colleagues.  Thank you (All Skills).  Highly recommended."

    R. Calleija, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "During the time of my course - I found it to be very informative, with an approach that all students can understand.  Instructor - is extremely competent and has great learning devices."

    J. Hendy, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "Well presented content. Good training aids.  People learning and teaching need to stay on topic as this could affect some people's ability to learn.  Overall good course!"

    S. Hughes, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2017

    "The entire course was very well organised & presented.  When I phoned to enquire about booking a course, I was well-informed and I was given a prompt follow up call to confirm dates & times."

    S. Pitcher, (Asteria Services), 2017

    "I found the course to be very helpful, well-spoken and clear."

    D. Bardsley, (True Foods), 2017

    "Absolutely fantastic course.  Will be highly recommending.  Super friendly and you learn more than you think you will."

    C. King, (Maryborough Community House), 2017

    "I have enjoyed the first aid course & found it very beneficial.  Having been out of the learning mode for some time, I was worried pre course starting.  However, the intrusctor brought us all along at our own pace until the whole group gelled together for a great outcome."

    A. Gibson, (Maryborough Community House), 2017

    "I have learnt so much about first aid with this course.  (The trainer) was able to teach in a range of ways which helped a lot."

    K. Price, (Maryborough Community House), 2017

    "I enjoyed this course.  I feel confident I can practise first aid when required to do so.  My children will love to practise what I show them."

    C. Possamai, (Maryborough Community House), 2017

    "The course was very comprehensive and helpful to myself, the team, and o

  • Forklift Training Reviews

    "Very well organised.  Teacher backed up with educational background as well as experience from different sites and conditions.  I can strongly recommend to use All Skills to get real knowledge with many field life experience which you just can't learn off the books."

    M. Nejepsa, (City of Yarra), 2018

    "Very thorough training.  (The trainer) ensured we had the skills and knowledge to become safe and competent forklift drivers."

    R. Law, (Huhtamaki Australasia Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Was really successful course.  We learnt a lot of things and we became more aware of the safety procedures."

    A. Eissa, (Huhtamaki Australasia Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Course was extensive and detailed.  Recommend ANY company with forklifts should utilize All Skills for training/exam or refresher."

    P. Henderson, (Huhtamaki Australasia Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Overall, very well presented.  All Skills provide refreshingly thorough (training) which is essential in this time of increased litigation and common law applications.  An expectation of resilience and personal responsibility is paramount when it comes to safety.  All Skills provide this."

    H. Goudy, (Huhtamaki Australia Pty Ltd), 2018

    "If you want real training, come to All Skills.  Excellent use of whiteboard, video clips, paper copies, practical demonstrations and enough hands-on training.  Be trained by a person who is passionate about ensuring you operate a forklift safely.  If you just want to tick a box - go elsewhere!"

    P.J. Dykema, 2017

    "Amazing course with a fantastic instructor.  Couldn't pay for a better service."

    B. Piper, 2017

    "(The staff at All Skills) were fantastic & professional from start to finish.  Course materials were precise, clear, specific & easy to understand & learn with no prior knowledge.  Training was done in a comfortable environment without any added stress or pressures & for all skill levels.  Thank you (All Skills) for such a great, friendly, knowledgeable service :-)"

    S. Taylor, 2017

    "As a HSE Advisor, it is so refreshing to find a training provider committed to imparting thorough knowledge, skills & competency, together with the right safety attitude.  I commend All Skills on the integrity they maintain with their High Risk Work training programs."

    N. Mackay, (TW Power Services), 2017

    "The course was a challenge.  (The trainer) was good at explaining all the requirements I needed.  (The Admin Manager) made sure I had everything I needed."

    J. Laan, 2017

    "The professionalism, knowledge, effort and understanding that the All Skills Services' staff gave and delivered was second to none.  I would and will recommend this RTO to anyone who wishes to undertake training in this area."

    S. Simpson, (Capilano Honey), 2017

    "(The trainer) is a a great teacher.  Full of lots of useful info to impart on his students."

    J. Jones, 2017

    "Great training.  (Th

  • Front End Loader Training Reviews

    "Could not recommend enough! Extremely thorough in everything that was covered.  Given me the confidence in my ability to operate a front end loader in a safe and productive way.  FANTASTIC!"

    C. de Morton, (CSR Gyprock), 2017

    "Good training and very informative."

    D. Webster, (Crossroads Trading), 2017

    "Awesome team! Training materials well documented and a great real world approach.  Thanks!"

    A. Robertson, (Crossroads Trading), 2017

    "Well communication.  Easy to understand.  Very pleasant instructor."

    M. Bevern, (Crossroads Trading), 2017

    "The confidence I gained during this (Skid Steer Loader & Front-End Loader) training was great.  (The trainer) was eager to listen, as well as let me know how I could improve.  Thank you."

    C. Bolton, (Buller Ski Lifts), 2015

  • General Training Reviews

    "All Skills Services is a young (training) company going places. Their ability to adapt training requirements to your needs is very credible.

    All Skills have always been available to discuss training requirements, ensuring that staff receive the latest updates in training, legislative requirements and any other information related to that particular training course.

    I have no problem in recommending All Skills Services. They are friendly, professional, helpful, and go that extra step to help you get your staff trained to your needs."

    A. Lansdowne, (City of Whittlesea), 2013

  • Grader Training Reviews

    "I found the course very informative and well run.  (The trainer) has great knowledge of plant operation and legislative issues.  He is very calm and patient with teaching different methods and explaining OHS and maintenance schedules."

    R. Shiner, (Parks Victoria), 2016

    "Very good course.  Very good training.  Good amount of machine time.  Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful with questions."

    J. Hoskin, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2016

    "I have found the information I gained on this (Roller & Grader) course most beneficial."

    F. Forssman, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2015

    "Great service. Good mix of theory and practical hands-on (Roller & Grader Course) training. Most enjoyable."

    G. Smith (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2014

  • Refresher Course Testimonials

    Forklift Supervisor Daily Inspection Training - "The course was very helpful in showing us how to make sure the forklift drivers are doing their checks and being safe while driving.  And making sure to be aware of all surroundings and fixtures that can be issues as well, and people and their personalities come into play as well."

    A. Murdoch, (Hugo Boss Australia), 2016

    Forklift Refresher Course - "Helps me maintain and utilise what skills I have as a forklift operator with OH&S safety procedures."

    T. Vahua, (Hugo Boss Australia), 2016

    Forklift Refresher Course - "(All Skills') Refresher Course helped in all aspects of driving, safety and OH&S on the Forklifts.  Would highly recommend!"

    N. Kardakovski, (Hugo Boss Australia), 2016

    Skid Steer Loader Refresher Course - "Cat 444E Loader/Backhoe, Kubota S75, Hyundai HL 740-9 Front-End Loader - I felt the entire training with the (3) three machines listed with All Skills, was excellent.  Theory & practical advice excellent, thorough & enjoyable."

    M. Rowe, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    Front-End Loader Refresher Course - "I found the course very good as it gave me a chance to refresh all of the skills I learnt when I got my licence.  The most important part of re-stressing all of the safety requirements to keep them uppermost in our minds."

    F. Forssman, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    Front-End Loader Refresher Course - "Course well run and well presented."

    D. Scown, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    Grader & Roller Refresher Course - "Very informative.  Well planned and clear instructions.  Good communicator.  Happy to have done it."

    A. Jennings, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016

    Grader & Roller Refresher Course - "Great refresher course.  Well planned out.  Clear instruction.  Great communication.  Very well done."

    D. Scown, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2016


  • Roller Training Reviews

    "I have found the information I gained on this (Roller & Grader) course most beneficial."

    F. Forssman, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2015

    "Great service. Good mix of theory and practical hands-on (Roller & Grader Course) training. Most enjoyable."

    G. Smith, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2014

  • Scissor Lift Training Reviews

    "Great course.  (The trainer) was well prepared and knowledgeable."

    K. Heathcock, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016


    B. Ure, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

    "Great training, very thorough & enjoyable."

    D. Muldeary, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Very excellent well indepth course, very informative.  Highly recommend."

    R. Milley, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Great training and great knowledge."

    A. Turley, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    "Great class, great knowledge and experience."

    N. Agnew, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

    " Very professional (Scissor Lift Course) from the start to finish.  Well presented, very informative. (The trainer) went above and beyond."

    D. Howard, 2015

    "A pleasure to have (the trainer) as our trainer, a real bloke's bloke, honest, dedicated, and reasonable with great knowledge to back him up. Again, a pleasure. (Scissor Lift Course)"

    A. Rafihi (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

    "Excellent (Scissor Lift) training - communicated clearly and enthusiastically. It's obvious (the trainer) is passionate about what he does and the end goal is not to just get a certificate/licence, but for everyone to have good knowledge of what they are doing and to enjoy doing it!"

    J. Field, (Encompass Church), 2014

    "Great instructor, made me feel much more confident to operate the Scissor Lift. The opportunity to learn how to operate and takle site problems is really useful and great!"

    Y. Prawiro, (Encompass Church), 2014

    "Well presented (Scissor Lift Course) & (the trainer) had an excellent knowledge & workplace experience."

    D. Bourke (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

    "I would like to express my gratitiude and sincere thanks to All Skills Services for their assistance in the completion of my certificates in Scissor Lift, High Risk Elevating Platform and my White Card in the Construction Industry.

    They were most diligent, professional and knowledgeable in their training and I thoroughly enjoyed it, leaving confident in my ability to operate all machinery trained on.

    I cannot speak highly enough of All Skills and would not hesitate to recommend them to any individual or company."

    W.P. Furlong, 2013

    "The content, background knowledge and understanding shown in this (Scissor Lift & High Risk EWP) course was far greater than I expected. Passionate, enthusiastic & experienced teacher made for a beneficial & enjoyable learning experience."

    C. Wright, 2013

  • Tractor Training Reviews

    "Overall an excellent course. Very informative and strict on the dangers & safety to do with operating a tractor."

    M. Hooper, (Citywide), 2015

    "As always, an excellent course (Tractor)."

    B. Morgan, (City of Whittlesea) 2015

    "Yeah, great guy to learn off. Kept the (Tractor) class interesting."

    A. Sazdov, (City of Whittlesea) 2015

    "Very high quality of training and very knowledgeable trainer. Happy and confident to operate a Tractor by myself after completing this course."

    J. Murphy, (Glenroy Murray Greys), 2014

    "A first class trainer. The (Tractor) course was brilliant. No improvement could be made or warranted."

    R. Poole, (Yarra Valley Water), 2014

    "Fantastic (Tractor) course! (The trainer) was excellent. His delivery and industry knowledge was absolutely brilliant."

    B. Coppa, (Yarra Valley Water), 2014

  • Vehicle Loading Crane Training Reviews

    "(The trainer) was great to work with, very knowledgeable, has a great amount of experience, & can really relate to our situations."

    L. O'Hehir, (Skinners Plaster & Building Supplies, Ballarat), 2017

    "Very well informed.  Great to get the training done properly and come away well informed and confident to do the job."

    T. MacDonell, (Skinners Plaster & Building supplies, Maryborough), 2017

    "All Skills are very nice.  Very intelligent, co-operative, soft spoken.  I am glad to come to All Skills.  Got an opportunity to learn more about my skills.  It will help in my business to improve my work and SWMS.  They explain to me more about the skills out of the world.  Thanks All Skills.  I will recommend All Skills for every course."

    S. Kumar, (Pakenham Crane Trucks), 2016

    "It has been a good experience to be taught the correct way to conduct yourself in a high risk licence and the knowledge I will leave with will help me to be a better person to apply myself to my job in a professional manner."

    M. Waldron, (Flat Glass Supplies Industries), 2016

    "No complaints.  The whole course was conducted in a very professional manner, easy to understand and in a comfortable environment. Thankyou to (the trainer) and the team, job well done.  I will definitely recommend All Skills to people in the future.

    J. Goodwin, (Goodwin Trucking), 2016

    "THE BEST TRAINING COURSE I HAVE EVER ATTENDED.  The attention to detail by (the trainer) was above and beyond what I expected the course to deliver.  We came away with so much more knowledge (not found in a book), due to (the trainer's) level of experience in the real working world.  I would advise anyone who wants a Vehicle Loading Crane licence, to go to All Skills Services, as you will get way more than just a ticket - you actually walk away knowing how to operate it safely and correctly.  And he's a rippa bloke too!  And (the Administration Manager) was fantastic in the office and nothing was a bother.  A really professional, well-run, experienced training company."

    S. Henderson, (Coast Scaffolding Pty Ltd), 2016

    "I did the course for the High Risk Licence.  (The trainer) was an outstanding teacher.  Learnt so much.  A+"

    A. Murdoch, (Powerful Crane Trucks), 2016

    "Did course for the High Risk Licence.  Learnt more than I ever did."

    B. Mitchell, (Advance Crane Trucks), 2016

    "This course was the best thing I could of done to improve my skills and knowledge of safe crane operation.  All Skills are very professional & help you understand WorkSafe rules & regulations.  All Skills showed me the consequences of unsafe work practices and opened my eyes to how important safety & proper training is for any company or business."

    P. Wilson, (Aim Hire Pty Ltd), 2016

    "I was very impressed with quality of the course offered by All Skills.  The content was thoroughly delivered with a good balance of theory and practical components.  I enjoyed the course and felt like I learned a lot fro

  • White Card Training Reviews

    "This course was very helpful.  They made me understand lots about the safety and health.  For sure, I will recommend this course to friends and family. 10/10."

    G. Paone, 2018

    "Very thorough, professionally delivered training by an RTO who knows his stuff."

    F. Doupé, 2018 

    ""Everything is good and well service."

    A. K. Singh, 2018

    "The course thoroughly explained on what was need to be learnt."

    A. Singh, 2018

    "Very good and informative course."

    "H. Ameen, (Owner Builder), 2018

    "The course was helpful in learning about health and safety.  (All Skills) were helpful."

    I. Petroski, (Owner Builder), 2018

    "Great course.  Well planned out and very informative.  Top performance."

    D. Aldrich, (Brett Aldrich Concreting), 2018

    "I really enjoyed this course.  I didn't get bored with anything and learnt things I hadn't heard of before."

    K. Robertson, (Bryan Perry Pty Ltd), 2018

    "Very good."

    J. Marcos, (Bryan Perry Pty Ltd), 2018

    "The skills and knowledge of our trainer clearly provided the best learning opportunity.  Thank you."

    K. Arthur, (Owner Builder), 2018

    "All Skills gave me a good excellent understanding of the health & safety of the White Card Course.  Had time to show and tell you how it's all done.  Watching DVD and handing stuff around.  Would rate it 1000/1000.  Will be back to do more safety courses."

    J. Bowen, 2018

    "The course covered all the areas relating to the construction industry in great detail.  Great course to undertake."

    G. Woodyard, (Owner Builder), 2017

    "Great content.  (The trainer) is energised and fun.  Good knowledge as well."

    C. Le, (YDL Plastering), 2017

    "(The Admin Manager) was very helpful, explained everything I needed to know and answered all my questions in a professional manner."

    E. Tubic, (Owner Builder), 2017

    "Great place and people, and took the time to talk through everything."

    L. Johnston, 2017

    "Great.  Very thorough.  Highly recommend."

    N. Jenkins, (Owner Builder), (2017)

    "Very professional and courteous staff.  Ensured that all documentation was correctly filled out prior to the course and assistance was prompt and timely.  Course was facilitated is a very professional manner and related to the real world very well.  Enjoyed the delivery, which can be challenging with the subject matter."

    M. Dunn, (DuPont (Australia) Ltd), 2017

    "Course was structured very well, highly recommend it to anyone really looking to learn and understand what they are trying to achieve."

    K. Haranas, (Cycon Civil), 2017

    "Very engaging, well presented course."

    B. Evans, 2017

    "Nice atmosphere.  (The trainer) really likes his job and doing his best on it.  Thanks."

    D. Ivanov, (Lai Industries), 2017

    "The information that I received from the course was very helpful and will help me in the future.  The staff were also very nice and the way the content was delivered and taught, was also very good.  I'd recommend completing the co

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