"Very satisfied with the course.  (The trainer) was an excellent speaker & teacher and gave very thorough detail of everything.  Thank you for all your help and knowledge today.  Thanks to (the Admin Manager) as well for great communication."

B. Manson, 2018

"Great Course! (The trainer's) industry experience really showed during the training. We were provided with great real life examples and this helped to gain a better understanding of the content. Thanks guys!"

S. Aisbett, (Owner Builder), 2018

"Found the course very informative, more than I would have got out of by doing course on-line."

S. Cadee, (Owner Builder), 2018

"Great course structure & delivery system; very informative & easy learning system; would highly recommend All Skills Services."

J. Rizza, (Owner Builder),2018

"Great informative course which I enrolled for personal interests but now will recommend to any workplace."

L. Mee, (Mee's Bus Lines), 2018


J. Pannu, 2018

"Very good. Learned a lot about OH&S."

D. Kapouleas, (Lalor Secondary College student), 2018

"Enjoyed course very much.  (The trainer) was very clear in his presentation, especially with his experience in the workplace, made it very easy to understand."

F. Dintinosante, (Macleod Plumbing Pty Ltd), 2018

"They explained it well and it was good."

K. Norton, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"It was good."

J. O'Connor, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"This course was well worth the money.  (The trainer) is an absolute gun of an instructor.  Thank you for helping me get the White Card."

N. Cross, (Highview College student), 2018

"Very well done.  Used a lot of real and relatable scenarios.  Well explained that a baby could learn all this."

R. Smith, (Highview College student), 2018

"I have had 2 absolutely great days.  I have learnt so much over the 2 days I have been here.  I greatly appreciate everything (All Skills) have done for me."

Z. Rodgers, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"The course was very enjoyable and a rewarding experience.  It was great to meet new people and learn new things.  I highly recommend this course."

R. McLeish, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"It was good."

J. Broad, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018


C. O'Keeffe, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"Just want to say thank you to (All Skills) for the amazing service they provided. Made the course interesting and fun to learn."

M. Singh, (Purewal Group Pty Ltd), 2018

"The course was very informative and the information was put across in a way that was understandable and easy to learn."

J. Buckland, 2018

"Good presentation.  Easy to understand scenarios.  Clear work books."

D. Fleming, 2018

"The course today I found very interesting.  A great deal of valuable information.  (The trainer) was easy to understand and learn from."

C. Jennings, 2018

"Great course.  Easy to understand and a helpful teacher."

D. Mann, 2018

"Being 58 years old & IT dumb, All Skills did all my pre-course computer data online applications, which I was absolutely wrapped with.  I came to the course, learnt a few things I had no idea about, and sort of enjoyed the 8 odd hours of learning.  I need as a basic requirement to become an Owner Builder.  To (All Skills), well done on all your help."

F. Giardina-Garden, (Owner Builder), 2018

"Found all the presentations & teachings very informative with real world examples & applications."

R. Petroski, (Sansa Building Group), 2018

"Fully informative with accessory & associated information & examples.  I learnt information I will carry forever.  Well done (All Skills)."

A. Martin, (Owner Builder), 2018

"Fantastic course. Very helpful course, run very professionally.  Thank you."

S. Seidali, (Silky Electrical & Data), 2018

"Very informative, easy to understand the course.  (The trainer) made the course comfortable & easy to follow."

M. Dirani, 2018

"It was a pretty good course.  Thought it was going to be hard but it surprised me."

B. Steicke, (Highview College student), 2018

"Good bloke.  Knows his stuff."

J. Janes, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"(The trainer) was very passionate about it and wanted us to pass."

J. Saville, (Highview College student), 2018

"Good bloke."

M. Patterson, (Highview College student), 2018

"Was well worth the money.  Recommend it. It highly rates real well.  Good bloke."

D. Stevens, (Highview College student), 2018

"A really good bloke."

J. Beavis, (Highview College student), 2018


H. Cain, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"It was a good experience and worth the money.  Overall, I would highly rate this."

C. Every, (Maryborough Education Centre student), 2018

"The facilitation, structure of the course, the flow and content of the course was fantastic.  Both (the trainer) & (the Admin Manager) were very knowledgeable and very skilled in training people.  Great resources & real-life examples.  Excellent 1-on-1 interaction and communication.  I would definitely get in contact with All Skills for future training & recommend to anyone who requires any training that All Skills cover.  Great job guys, thank you!"

A. Arslan, (City of Whittlesea), 2018

"The course was informative and the trainer was very good at explaining all the topics.  His life experiences and stories were interesting and fascinating.  Great at relating the topics to real life stories and situations made it more engaging."

S. Brkic, (Top Spot Blinds), 2018

"Everything about this course was excellent!"

H. Rad, 2018

"(All Skills) runs the course in a non-boring way and can relate it to the occupation of all students in the class.  A+ 100/100.  (The Admin Manager) explains information in an easily understandable way and is a great assistant."

J. De Roit Jozefik, (Lai Switchboards), 2018

"Very interesting."

S. Zimbolani, (Xtermite), 2018

"Very good course, very handy.  Very good for the H&S in Victoria."

O. Stojanovski, (Ordan's Transport), 2018

"I have found the information provided informative and constructive.  (All Skills) were professional and pleasant to work with, and I will recommend the course to anyone."

M. Salvaggio, (All Styles Window Furnishings), 2018

"This is a great course as you don't get told any answers.  You actually have to listen and read the booklets and take it all in.  (The trainer) explains everything really well and always gives an example.  (The trainer) makes sure you are going to be the best of the best."

T. Borg, (Howell Rail), 2018

"Very well set up and good information."

J. Bolding, (Astbury Welding & Contracting), 2018

"This was an excellent course.  (The trainer) provided a wealth of information in a passionate, "no nonsense" manner.  The theory was well-balanced with practical "real life" scenarios to put everything in context.  (The Admin Manager's) expertise completed a very polished, professional course."

S. Foster, (Owner Builder), 2018

"Best training I have undertaken.  Will not go anywhere else."

D. Carless, (Astbury Welding & Contracting), 2018

"No complaint.  Fast & furious, but very good fun - which is the best environment to learn in.  Great pre-training support & info from (the Admin Manager)."

J. Macgregor, (Owner Builder), 2018

"Very professional course.  Knowledgeable information.  Well done.  Thanks."

A. Guelen, 2018

"This course was very helpful.  They made me understand lots about the safety and health.  For sure, I will recommend this course to friends and family. 10/10."

G. Paone, 2018

"Very thorough, professionally delivered training by an RTO who knows his stuff."

F. Doupé, 2018 

""Everything is good and well service."

A. K. Singh, 2018

"The course thoroughly explained on what was need to be learnt."

A. Singh, 2018

"Very good and informative course."

"H. Ameen, (Owner Builder), 2018

"The course was helpful in learning about health and safety.  (All Skills) were helpful."

I. Petroski, (Owner Builder), 2018

"Great course.  Well planned out and very informative.  Top performance."

D. Aldrich, (Brett Aldrich Concreting), 2018

"I really enjoyed this course.  I didn't get bored with anything and learnt things I hadn't heard of before."

K. Robertson, (Bryan Perry Pty Ltd), 2018

"Very good."

J. Marcos, (Bryan Perry Pty Ltd), 2018

"The skills and knowledge of our trainer clearly provided the best learning opportunity.  Thank you."

K. Arthur, (Owner Builder), 2018

"All Skills gave me a good excellent understanding of the health & safety of the White Card Course.  Had time to show and tell you how it's all done.  Watching DVD and handing stuff around.  Would rate it 1000/1000.  Will be back to do more safety courses."

J. Bowen, 2018

"The course covered all the areas relating to the construction industry in great detail.  Great course to undertake."

G. Woodyard, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Great content.  (The trainer) is energised and fun.  Good knowledge as well."

C. Le, (YDL Plastering), 2017

"(The Admin Manager) was very helpful, explained everything I needed to know and answered all my questions in a professional manner."

E. Tubic, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Great place and people, and took the time to talk through everything."

L. Johnston, 2017

"Great.  Very thorough.  Highly recommend."

N. Jenkins, (Owner Builder), (2017)

"Very professional and courteous staff.  Ensured that all documentation was correctly filled out prior to the course and assistance was prompt and timely.  Course was facilitated is a very professional manner and related to the real world very well.  Enjoyed the delivery, which can be challenging with the subject matter."

M. Dunn, (DuPont (Australia) Ltd), 2017

"Course was structured very well, highly recommend it to anyone really looking to learn and understand what they are trying to achieve."

K. Haranas, (Cycon Civil), 2017

"Very engaging, well presented course."

B. Evans, 2017

"Nice atmosphere.  (The trainer) really likes his job and doing his best on it.  Thanks."

D. Ivanov, (Lai Industries), 2017

"The information that I received from the course was very helpful and will help me in the future.  The staff were also very nice and the way the content was delivered and taught, was also very good.  I'd recommend completing the course through All Skills."

M. Irving, 2017

"This was a highly informative and enjoyable course on a subject that is not particularly rivetting, largely made interesting due to the excellent experience of the tutor.  He has a wealth of experience, and very interesting & relevant "war stories" which brought the subject to life.  (The Admin Manager) was very quick to respond to the enrolment and provided very thorough pre-course information.  The level of tuition material was high quality and I felt very well informed having completed the course.  Well done (All Skills)!"

N. Lovis, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Very informative and mcuh more than just a white card.  More a life experience than a course.  Very friendly staff."

J. Sandlant, 2017

"I found the course to have a lot of useful information to help me, and the trainer was easy to understand and very helpful."

M. Barton, (Owner Builder), 2017

"(The staff at All Skills) were brilliant in how they conducted the course today.  I'm glad I've completed this course and have (All Skills) to guide us through."

T. Di Benedetto, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Thanks for a very informative course.  Easy to understand, very knowledgeable professional, and easy to talk to or ask questions.  Great experience from the application process to the end of the course."

M. Anzelmi, (Owner Builder), 2017

"(The trainer's) presentation & explanations are first class.  A day well spent. Pre-course information & delivery of information was excellent."

S. Chisholm, (Owner Builder), 2017

"All Skills Services is a very professionally run company.  I highly recommend (the trainer's) courses, easily understood and relaxed environment. (The Admin Manager) was fabulous in communicating everything that needed to be done administratively before the course and ensured it ran smoothly on the day."

S. Bell, (Owner Builder), 2017

"(The All Skills' staff) are fantastic to deal with.  Course very informative."

D. Miyos, 2017

"A very well put together course with a very knowledgeable instructor, highly recommend."

S. Busacca, 2017

"The instructors were very informative and helpful."

E. Sahin, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Helpful.  Informative.  Delivered in a manner that could be easily understood."

L. Darmanin, 2017

"It was a good experience & (the trainer) is a wonderful passionate person who wants to impart good knowledge."

K. Bedi, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Very well presented & informative.  (The trainer) made a relatively dull topic interesting by presenting the material effectively and with lots of examples to make it more relatable."

B. Tymensen, (Owner Builder), 2017

"I found the day very interesting and informative.  I believe I have learnt valuable information that will come in handy when constructing my home.  Thank you fo rthe dya & if I need any further training, be it for myself or my staff members at work, I will recommend you guys 100%."

E. Sahin, (Peregrine Audit & Assurance Services), 2017

"Very informative and knowledgeable trainer, would highly recommend to others."

M. Marolda, (Owner Builder), 2017

"It is an eye opener as in learning new things about workplace health and safety.  The induction is awesome and the environment."

J. Nwanna, 2017

"Excellent course, explained clearly and practically as (the trainer) knows his stuff about the industry and workplace.  Also ensures that you actually get something out of the course rather than just getting a ticket."

M. Gray, 2017

"I would highly recommend All Skills Services.  The staff are very helpful.  The course was very informative & the trainer was a good communicator.  (The admin manager) was awesome!"

P. Spiteri, 2017

"I had a very informative day and thought (the trainer & admin manager) very good at what they do.  Easy to listen to and very experienced at this course.  Enjoyed the day.  This course I recommend to anyone.  Thanks (All Skills)."

C. Robertson, 2017

"Excellent course structure and presentation given by (the trainer), and well supported by his staff.  A trusted accredited course provider."

A. Morrison, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Interactive, (the trainer) knows  his material.  Evident of being in the industry for some time.  His experience & wealth of knowledge is valuable.  (Admin manager) very pleasant at the time of registration."

H. Sahinis, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Staff was very helpful.  Very happy, overall."

E. Perri, 2017

"Very helpful trainer and admin personnel.  Have found course very informative and will be positive for my use as an Owner Builder."

S. Cummaudo, (Owner Buikder), 2017

"Thorough and to-the-point.  Much appreciated (All Skills)."

D. Hicks, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Was very nice, really good with speaking and connected with each participant."

B. Vella, (Adaban Pty Ltd), 2017

"Great info and skill share."

S. Binder, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Had great learning.  I got plenty from the course which will help with my development moving forward.  Well explained."

K. Anderson, (Owner Builder), 2017

"(The trainer) was excellent.  A lot to learn in a day but enjoyable."

D. O'Connor, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Very good and detailed speech."

Q. Li, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Extremely well-presented and delivered.  Passionate, knowledgeable trainer.  He is an extremely helpful and informative trainer, will definitely be recommending him and will return for future training, if required."

S. Cooper, (Coopcon Pty Ltd), 2017

"(The trainer) was very clear and informing regarding all aspects of the White Card regulations.  I feel very confident as an Owner Builder."

A. Zukauskas, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Course was very detailed and well delivered."

B. Matthews, 2017

"When I first called All Skills, I was amazed of how helpful and informative (the Admin Manager) was.  (The trainer) presented clearly and delivered all information in detail and thoroughly.  I would highly recommend All Skills Services."

J. Sillery, (Cherry Lane Group), 2017

"Very comprehensive course with some interesting anecdotal stories to maintain one's interest."

D. Tointon, 2017

"Friendly staff, course presenter really knew the topic, very extensive experience base for his knowledge."

B. Clelland, 2017

"From the minute I rang with an enquiry, my needs & requests were handled very professionally.  The (Admin Manager) was exceptional.  All information was relevant & covered enrolment right through to completion of the course."

J. Thomson, 2017

"Very well conducted course.  Gave me appreciation & understanding of rights & responsibilities within the Construction Industry."

H.P. Sztogryn, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Good.  Easy to learn and retain information."

J. Clowes, (Owner Builder), 2017

"This course was run very well.  The instructor was very helpful + made you feel at ease."

H. Holz, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Fantastic.  Great detailed information.  Helpful staff. Go above and beyond to help and teach."

L. Stevens, (Owner Builder)2017

"I phoned All Skills at 5.00pm and the (Admin Manager) was able to book me in next business day!  (The trainer) was a very informative trainer.  I now have a very good understanding of workplace safety."

M. Walsh (Owner Builder), 2017

"(The trainer) was great at presenting the course to us.  He made the whole day worth it."

A. Marino, 2017

"(The trainer) provided an excellent course at a professional level."

B. Trickey, (MD and RJ Concreting), 2017

"All Skills had a range of available dates to suit a variety of working prople.  (The trainer) was extremely thorough and very patient.  His extensive knowledge of OHS was very helpful and reassuring that we were provided with adequate and crucial information. Thank you!"

N. Stefkova, (Owner Builder), 2017

"All Skills was so helpful & are wonderful people.  Thank you so much!"

G. Schwef, (Owner Builder), 2017

"Clear, concise format.  Course material not complicated."

D. McCarthy, (Plant Image), 2017

"The presenter is a competent communicator whose life experience allows him to relate to his clientele.  Real life examples pepper his theory work thus maintaining interest."

C. Provost, (Owner Builder),2016

"This was a good class know we now how to work safety."

Z. Albousweilem, (Owner Builder), 2016

"All Skills' Construction Induction training was a very informative course and will set me up very well for my forthcoming Owner Builder project.  (The trainer) is a very well experienced/knowledgeable instructor.  I have learned a great deal in a short time.  Thank you."

B. Hunter, (Owner Builder), 2016

"(The trainer) was passionate about ensuring that we left with the skills that are required to ensure our health and safety in a workplace.  He kept us engaged throughout the course."

P. Bonnici, (Owner Builder), 2016

"Smaller class sizes were excellent."

D. Stevens, (City of Whittlesea), 2016

"Was a wonderful course.  I've gained lots of informations out of it.  Was a good opportunity that got from it.  I highly appreciates that."

A. Albousweilem, (Owner Builder), 2016

"Very informative and covers in detail all topics of the Construction Induction course.  Not just a box ticking exercise but worthwhile subject matter."

K. Deacon, (Owner Builder), 2016

"Very thorough and big thumbs up to (the trainer) for succeeding in making a boring topic interesting!"

K. Williams, 2016

"(The trainer) was very helpful and provided a good course.  He gave real life examples and explained things clearly."

B. Ellis, (RMS Groundworks), 2016

"Very understanding and engaging."

L. Pender, (RMS Groundworks), 2016

"Every thing is perfect but I want to suggest if you can a room for pray to people who want to pray."

H. Alhalabi, (Owner Builder), 2016

"Extremely impressed with (the trainer's) teaching strategies and attitude."

M. Mather, 2016

"(The trainer) was very good at training us, making sure we understood everything."

P. McCready, 2016

"Great people.  Very knowledgeable."

J. Spiteri, 2016

"The information delivered by (the trainer) was concise, clear & easy to understand.  As a lay person, I was confident I had gained adequate industry knowledge."

F. Ford, (Owner Builder), 2016

"(The trainer) ws extremely passionate about his teachings and made it very easy to understand.  And (the Admin Manager) was very helpful.  Would recommend to anyone!"

A. Kanjo, (Owner Builder), 2016

"Great to know that proper training facilities still exist.  Keep up the great work!"

D. Hoff, 2016

"I really enjoyed the course and the way it was presented.  Perfect for beginners as the contect was explained well and was very interactive."

J. Pearson, (City of Whittlesea), 2016

"Excellent, presenter knew his work and very well industry experienced. Bit more of real life example. And possible (tea or coffee, not water) :)"

R. Khan, (Owner Builder), 2016

"Learnt a lot of other detailed information and examples."

J. Dyer, 2016

"I found the course very informative and well presented.  The handouts will be very handy."

B. Turner, (B.A. Turner Electrical), 2016

"The training will help us move our business forward."

J. Turner, (B.A. Turner Electrical), 2016

"(All Skills) has been such a help from start to finish, with (the Admin Manager) helping me organise the process with info starting up the course with email help & questions I had.  As for (the trainer), he was honestly the best teacher I have had in my life.  In detail, he explained everything in full & more about the OH&S standards & life experiences we will face in the future."

D. D'orazio, 2106

"I was unsure about the course as I barely knew anything about construction, however, I came out knowledgeable and proud of myself."

A. Delaware, 2016

"(The trainer) was excellent in the way he taught the group.  He got his point across clearly and was easy to understand."

A. Leonardi, 2016

"A lot of people could and should learn from you.  For the 6 hour sitting, I worked out you're a smart/sharp person.  Well done!"

A. Barton, (Sludgebusters), 2016

"One of the most thorough educators I have been taught by with the highest attention to detail in all relevant areas possible."

B. Redpath, (Redpath Tyre & Battery Service), 2016

"The course was great.  A lot of interaction with the class; everyone was involved; got more information about the work industry than I thought; gained much knowledge from this course."

M. Dorcich, 2016

"I think everything was ok.  We had a good discussion and training."

H. Makooya, (Stabilised Pavement of Australia), 2016

"The course was very well received.  (The trainer) spoke well, and on topic the entire time and related scenarios back to real life examples or experiences.  I would recommend All Skills to others who need to undertake White Card training.

A. Napoleone, (City of Whittlesea), 2016

"Very informative, easy to understand and apply to our own workplace.  Gave me a great insight into current workplaces which we can try and replicate at our store."

C. Gunn, (Redpath Tyre & Battery Service), 2016

"Very helpful.  Very knowledgeable.  The assistance I received was fantastic from the staff.  They helped me to understand and go through all the questions involved.  Of course, I would recommend All Skills to anyone!

J. Sartore, 2016

"Very happy with the way (the trainer) ran the White Card Course.  Would recommend All Skills to anyone wishing to further their skills.  I got a lot out of it!  Thanks."

A. Costanzo, (Wall2Wall Building & Constructions Pty Ltd), 2016

"Training course overall was excellent."

G. Jonoski, 2016

"Good course.  Learned a lot.  Good staff.  Everybody should complete."

T. Di Bartolomeo, 2016

"This White Card Course was very thorough with lots of information which I really enjoyed.  I would recommend this course to anyone."

C. Coppleman, 2016

"Great course.  Very competent teacher with great knowledge on various skills.  Highly recommended."

H. Mitchell, 2016

"Great course and content - I'll be back for more training."

M. Collicoat, 2016

"I'd like to thank (the trainer) very much on how he conducted the course.  He was very helpful & I would recommend All Skills to anyone who was looking for training."

K. Hill, 2016

"Excellent course, structured in a way that was easy to understand.  (The trainer) has excellent knowledge with real life experiences and making the course interesting."

J. Josevski, 2016

"(The trainer) was very knowledgeable.  Good references."

I. Karaula, (Hydroheat Supplies Pty Ltd), 2016

"I thought that the course was good and was a lot different than sitting in a classroom all day."

D. Brereton, (Highview College student), 2016

"It was a wonderful experience and I feel like I have learnt a lot from doing this course.  (The trainer) does a great job to make sure we understand everything and he makes everything clear for us.  I like the way he teaches it."

J. Solomano, (Highview College student), 2016

"This course was helpful about learning about all the powerline distances and it will be very helpful for when I go out on work experience."

J. Mortlock, (Highview College student), 2016

"It was good, had a range of information and in-depth, also various of classroom to practical work outside which was great."

B. Cossar, (Highview College student), 2016

"Information and practical explanations were exceptional.  By far the best course I have participated in and I will be using "All Skills" for my company training from now on.  Can't thank you enough."

S. Hanley, (RJ Garage Doors Pty Ltd), 2016

"Very professional and informative teaching form.  (The trainer) went above and beyond, drawing from life experience to educate us in safe training.  Highly recommended.  A+!"

A. De Santis, 2016

"Fantastic course, thoroughly enjoyed it and felt like I got a lot out of it.  Definitely worth it."

L. Cole, 2016

"I was extremely happy with the course and reception."

J.Cossar, 2016

"I found this course interesting and very well explained.  (The Admin staff) were great and helped me big time too."

C. Zinko, 2016

"Course was very one on one, explained a lot about your own industry and how you would use everyday things at your own job.  Very professional."

R. Allen, (RBA Buildit Construction Pty Ltd), 2016

"Good info.  Clear and concise training and instruction."

G. Walker, 2016

"Very clear and useful lecture.  Easy to understand."

Y. Liu, (Abesta International Pty Ltd), 2016

"Very good teaching and really helpful for us to increasing our knowledge and skill."

C. Yan, (Top Job Plastering Pty Ltd), 2016

"(The trainer) is a very knowledgeable man.  In-depth learning. Could never walk away from course saying you don't know about it.  Definitely recommend!"

N. Hargreaves, 2016

"Everything was explained in great detail and how real life situations were tied into the course which made it more interesting and easier to understand."

T. Doran, (Doran Earthmoving), 2016

"The (White Card) course is filled with helpful information in regards to construction work as well as things to keep in mind for daily living.  The presenter did a great job including everyone, and keeping people engaged with the topic."

B. Martin, 2015

"Really very good delivery skills, held my attention all session (really hard to do).  Very informative.  Very personable."

N. Davison, 2015

"After dodging this course for over ten years because I thought it was rubbish, I now believe the White Card Induction was well worth the money paid and loss of a day's pay.  Thanks!!!"

S. Sasic, (Inner North Plaster), 2015

"Extremely professional.  Excellent presentation of course.  Very happy to attend furture courses."

D. West, (Aussie Blue Plaster), 2015

"Excellent course, great presentation, very professional and an enjoyable experience.  Overall, very happy with the course."

A. Villvanathan, 2015

"I enjoyed the course.  It was very helpful and well explained."

C. Rudd, (Trent Refrigeraton), 2015

"It was perfectly conducted and was made easy to understand and complete."

A. Love, 2015

"(The trainer) was very informative, clearly explaining the necessary information required to complete this course as well as industry practices & real life applications and implications regarding Health & Safety."

S. Rowlinson, (Independent Automation), 2015

"Amazing delivery of the training with extensive background of real world experience.  The course was presented in an easy to understand manner with heaps of examples to help visualise the different elements."

R. Zarazilah, (Independent Automation), 2015

"Love the enthusiasm and can-do attitude, as well as interesting conversation."

K. Jong, (Independent Automation), 2015


E. Tann (Independent Automation), 2015

"Training was relevant to course with lots of experience based examples that helped explain various situations in context of course."

T. Laughton, 2015

"A really great presentation from (the trainer).  Was interactive and easy to relate to his examples.  Thanks."

J. Wade, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

"Well presented.  Very informative.  I feel that I am now far better prepared for OHS."

P. Simpson, 2015

"Well drilled & to-the-point (White Card) training.  Interesting and informative."

S. Harman, (Highview College), 2015

"Excellent (White Card Course)."

S. Humphrey, 2015

"Excellent (White Card course) and friendly service as always.  I'll be coming back again!"

I. Milos, 2015

"Very, very good (White Card) instructor.  Friendly, and very knowledgeable.  I will be recommending (All Skills Services) to everyone."

A. Cassie, 2015

"(The Trainer) was a really nice bloke. He was very helpful and knows what he is talking about (White Card Course)."

T. Currie, 2015

"(The trainer's) obvious passion and experience is an inspiration. So pleased to have had this (White Card) training experience, as I am sure it has helped prepare me to handle real world tasks."

C. Leidy, 2015

"Easy to get along with. Made my time learning (White Card) enjoyable. Highly recommended. Will be telling people about All Skills. Thank you."

R. Mosby, 2015

"(The trainer) is such a smart good man. (White Card)".

L. Fantini, 2014

"I was impressed with the instructor's passion for the subject and genuine desire to educate trainees. My only suggestion would be that owing to the volume of information and the importance of workplace safety, trainees would benefit further if the (White Card) course ran for two or more days."

S. Burke, (Trent Refrigeration) 2014

"Fantastic (White Card) course. (The trainer) is a wealth of knowledge and makes the course interactive and easy to understand. Highly recommended!"

S. Walters, 2014

"This (White Card) course was easy to understand and straight to the point."

N. Cox, (NTT DATA), 2014

"This is the second course I have undertaken with All Skills with this instructor/facilitator, and once again, I found it (White Card Course) to be very informative and engaging. (The trainer) is a great communicator who really cares about improving safety and work environments for all workers and managers."

M. Roberts, (City of Whittlesea), 2014

"A must (White Card) course for awareness of safety facts. It is worth attending."

D. Trivedi, (NTT DATA), 2014

"An enthusiastic trainer with plenty of industry experience made this (White Card) course more interesting than expected."

S. Coombs, (NTT DATA), 2014

"(White Card) Training was exceptional. Answered all questions and queries clearly. I could not have asked for anymore. I would recommend (All Skills) to anyone."

J. Windle, 2014

"The real world experience of the trainer (White Card) was both interesting and engaging, proving that his company truely understands what they're teaching."

D. Ewert, (Lanco Group Pty Ltd), 2014

"(The trainer) was a brilliant teacher, delivering the material in a clear and easily relatable manner. The (White Card) course content was comprehensive and really well prepared, but was enhanced by the
relatability to stories from (the trainer's) previous occupations. Would highly recommend attending one of All Skills Services' courses and will look to attend another in the not too distant future."

C. Sutherland, (Lanco Group Pty Ltd), 2014

"Great (White Card) session. Really enjoyed listening to (the trainer's) experiences within the field. Made the safety aspect seem more relevant discussed in construction content".

R. Thomas, 2014

"First time I have enjoyed a training session. Everything was very black and white and easy to understand (White Card)."

B. Dempsey, 2014

"The (White Card) Course was delivered in an engaging and interesting manner. The experience was a very positive one and enjoyable."

L. Glavan, (NTT DATA), 2014

"Thank you. You took an otherwise fairly uninspiring topic (White Card) and delivered it with a relevant context and used good supporting materials, scenarios and other grabs to keep the crew alert, attentive and responsive. Look forward to the next session we do with you guys."

T. Connell, (City of Whittlesea), 2014

"Learnt lots (White Card Course) and worth every dollar. All topics were covered thoroughly whilst still keeping the audience engaged."

L. Ryan, 2014

"Excellent delivery (White Card Course). Good relevant notes supplied."

W. Masiero, 2014

"The passion displayed by (the trainer) during the (White Card) course helped to ensure a greater understanding of course content. I would greatly recommend attending any course held by All Skills Services."

B. Stewart, 2014

"(The trainer) was a great teacher. Made everything (in the White Card Course) seem easy and explained everything in a great way."

B. Leil, 2014

"Great (White Card) training session. Friendly safe learning environment."

T. Lawson, (Mega Building Industries), 2014

"Exceptionally knowledgeable (White Card) trainer."

N. Dimidis, 2014

"Kurs çok güzeldi ve öğretmen çok yardim etdi. "(Loosely translated: "The training (White Card) course was very good and the teacher was very helpful.")

O. Can, 2014

"The thing I thought that was important was that (the trainer) addressed the (work experience) students as 'young men'. He also referred to real life experience (throughout the White Card Course). It was also helpful to be able to relate to situations and activities within the workshop at school. Industry and schools need to work hand in hand."

T. Payne, (Technology teacher - Highview College), 2014

"The (White Card) trainer was fantastic and explained things really well."

M. McClure, 2014

"I think I have really learnt a lot out of this (White Card) Course. It was really helpful. Thanks."

T. Peucker, 2014

"I feel the material for the (White Card) learning was fantastic. It answered a lot of questions I had."

A. Ng, 2014

"I was very happy with amount I learned today, and (the trainer) was very helpful in explaining everything (for the White Card)."

K. Alexopoulos, 2014

"Very helpful and friendly experience (White Card)."

C. Thurm, (SGS Leeder), 2014

"Great - An easy to understand (White Card) course & answered any questions with enthusiam."

D. Madden, 2014

"Great short (White Card) course. Trainer well prepared. Materials very relevant. "

M. Vellianis, (MH Kitchens), 2014

"Thanks once again for the informative & helpful (White Card) Course that I can now head into my new career."

P. Green, 2014

"Outstanding knowledge. Approachable and interesting speaker." (White Card).

J. Phillips, (SGS Leeder), 2014

"I now have a very good understanding of the responsibilties on-site. (White Card)."

V. Juric, (Vantage Wiring Solutions), 2014

"All Skills Services is a company that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to receive quality training, and I hope to be back in the near future (White Card)."

D. Timewell, 2014

"(The trainer) is a great trainer who really made a dreaded (White Card) course learnable and fun!"

J. Edwards, (Anthony Chrystie Transport), 2014

"(Trainer) top bloke!"

B. Basic, 2014

"Got a lot more out of today's course (White Card) than I thought I would. It's a credit to All Skills."

J. Spoor (Keyts Cleaning Services), 2014

"I found (the trainer) to be very knowledgeable and found the course (White Card) very worthwhile."

B. Spoor (Keyts Cleaning Services), 2014

"All Skills provided an excellent service. (The trainer) interacted with the group and made the learning experience very fulfilling."

L. Courage (Keyts Cleaning Services), 2014

"The (White Card) course was enthusiastically and professionally presented. Fully recommended."

P. McDonald (Crystal Glaze (Vic Pty Ltd), 2014

"Great (White Card) training that was very helpful."

D. Stirrat, 2014

"All Skills' presentation was engaging & well-paced. (The trainer's) experience from his industry time was evident in his presentation and provided good & practical examples. A very valuable (White Card) course."

J. Davidson, 2014

"The (White Card) trainer was very good & helpful."

S. Beeharry (Montal Security Group), 2014

"(White Card) training was excellent and will recommend to CFA & Men's Shed for their participation in future courses."

G. Harmon, (George Harmon & Associates P/L), 2014

"I would like to express my gratitiude and sincere thanks to All Skills Services for their assistance in the completion of my certificates in Scissor Lift, High Risk Elevating Platform and my White Card in the Construction Industry.

They were most diligent, professional and knowledgeable in their training and I thoroughly enjoyed it, leaving confident in my ability to operate all machinery trained on.

I cannot speak highly enough of All Skills and would not hesitate to recommend them to any individual or company."

W.P. Furlong, 2013

"This (White Card) course was very well organised."

P. Pozzobon, 2013

"Excellent (White Card) course. All the training provided exceeded my expectations. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful."

D. D'Oliveira, 2013

"(The trainer) is very thorough and knowing he has industry experience and real world knowledge is a comfort. Overall, (the White Card Course was) a great experience."

C. Spence, (Spence Landscapes Australia) 2013

"Very happy to recommend All Skills Services. Very friendly staff, helpful from start to finish. Willing to go out of their way to accommodate. Thanks. (White Card Course)"

G. Meale, (Crane & Magnetic Services P/L) 2013

"Very good value was provided with extensive coverage of the matters and relevant regulations. I strongly recommend it. (White Card Course)"

R. De Maria, (RDM Constructions) 2013

"Great expert training (White Card). This was my second course with All Skills Services. If I need more training, it will be with All Skills!"

N. O'Leary, 2013

"The information & teaching of the trainer are A-one. The way he explains the safety & operations of machinery is excellent. I give 10/10. (Excavator & White Card)."

G. Perosevic, 2013

"Excellent (White Card) course. Top notch teacher. A+++."

Luke Stephens, (Laser Electrical Campbellfield) 2013

"Great knowledge. Good realistic approach. (White Card)."

A. Zammit, 2013

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