"I travelled from Melbourne to do my CV crane course with All Skills.  (The trainer) was an outstanding trainer, very helpful and knowledgeable.  (The Admin Manager) was very organised with the office stuff.  I got sent out a lot of review materials to help me prepare for the course."

K. Najibi, 2019

"The course was informative, constructive and has created a vauable asset to have."

G. Pendlebury, 2019

"Very well presented.  Helpful & practical advice."

P. Gomez, (Swanlec Pty Ltd), 2019

"3 days is not enough time." (Note from All Skills: This was an experienced operator course, and the study packs were sent out more than a month before the course).  

B. Mustoe, (Swanlec Pty Ltd), 2019

"Awesome training. Walked away knowing way more than what I knew before.  Would strongly recommend."

T. Mitchem, (Interflow Pty Ltd), 2018

"Good training. Learnt a lot in 4 days. Learnt how to crane different loads, different sizes, not just the one thing."

K. Pyle, (Interflow Pty Ltd), 2018

"I came here with little knowledge of crane lifting. After spending 3 days with (the All Skills team), I would have no hesitation in sending anybody to All Skills to do their training. The knowledge (the trainer) has is second to none, and the professionalism of (the Admin Manager) is outstanding with all information being sent out to you in plenty of time to study for the course."

B. Bennetts, (Skinners Ballarat), 2018

"The course was extremely detailed and it gave me a good opportunity to get to know all areas of the industry."

A. Scott, (Craig's Cranes & Trucks), 2018

"(All Skills) were fantastic to deal with.  They worked in me to get me trained (Vehicle Loading Crane < 10 Metre tonnes) and up to speed ASAP, and their customer service is second to none.  They genuinely went above and beyond.  Couldn't recommend more."

J. Hudson, (Hudson Crane Trucks), 2018

"(The trainer) was great to work with, very knowledgeable, has a great amount of experience, & can really relate to our situations."

L. O'Hehir, (Skinners Plaster & Building Supplies, Ballarat), 2017

"Very well informed.  Great to get the training done properly and come away well informed and confident to do the job."

T. MacDonell, (Skinners Plaster & Building supplies, Maryborough), 2017

"All Skills are very nice.  Very intelligent, co-operative, soft spoken.  I am glad to come to All Skills.  Got an opportunity to learn more about my skills.  It will help in my business to improve my work and SWMS.  They explain to me more about the skills out of the world.  Thanks All Skills.  I will recommend All Skills for every course."

S. Kumar, (Pakenham Crane Trucks), 2016

"It has been a good experience to be taught the correct way to conduct yourself in a high risk licence and the knowledge I will leave with will help me to be a better person to apply myself to my job in a professional manner."

M. Waldron, (Flat Glass Supplies Industries), 2016

"No complaints.  The whole course was conducted in a very professional manner, easy to understand and in a comfortable environment. Thankyou to (the trainer) and the team, job well done.  I will definitely recommend All Skills to people in the future.

J. Goodwin, (Goodwin Trucking), 2016

"THE BEST TRAINING COURSE I HAVE EVER ATTENDED.  The attention to detail by (the trainer) was above and beyond what I expected the course to deliver.  We came away with so much more knowledge (not found in a book), due to (the trainer's) level of experience in the real working world.  I would advise anyone who wants a Vehicle Loading Crane licence, to go to All Skills Services, as you will get way more than just a ticket - you actually walk away knowing how to operate it safely and correctly.  And he's a rippa bloke too!  And (the Administration Manager) was fantastic in the office and nothing was a bother.  A really professional, well-run, experienced training company."

S. Henderson, (Coast Scaffolding Pty Ltd), 2016

"I did the course for the High Risk Licence.  (The trainer) was an outstanding teacher.  Learnt so much.  A+"

A. Murdoch, (Powerful Crane Trucks), 2016

"Did course for the High Risk Licence.  Learnt more than I ever did."

B. Mitchell, (Advance Crane Trucks), 2016

"This course was the best thing I could of done to improve my skills and knowledge of safe crane operation.  All Skills are very professional & help you understand WorkSafe rules & regulations.  All Skills showed me the consequences of unsafe work practices and opened my eyes to how important safety & proper training is for any company or business."

P. Wilson, (Aim Hire Pty Ltd), 2016

"I was very impressed with quality of the course offered by All Skills.  The content was thoroughly delivered with a good balance of theory and practical components.  I enjoyed the course and felt like I learned a lot from it."

L. Cole, 2016

"Very happy and would recommend people to go through All Skills."

M. Dwyer, (P. Fraser & Sons Transport Services Pty Ltd), 2015

"Well presented at all times.  Easy to approach.  Treat everyone in the course the same way.  A hard man but very fair.  Thank you for your time and effort."

R. Hill, (K & S Freighters), 2015

"Top training and top tactics and great people skills."

B. Singh, (K & S Freighters), 2015

"Top training tactics and great people skills."

E. Zakhari, (K & S Freighters), 2015

"Excellent training system (by All Skills Services).  Thank you very much."

P. Romano, (K & S Freighters), 2015

"Very friendly, helpful, and enjoyable people to work with.  Cheers."

M. Goodwin, (Goodwin Transport Pty Ltd), 2015

"Test needs to be split into smaller parts as a full sit down is mentally fatiguing (CV>10m)."

K. Brown, (DGL Aust Pty Ltd), 2014

"Far exceeded my expectations. The passion & industry knowledge of the trainer was exceptional. I wish everyone training was this good. I could not recommend this (CV>10m) course and trainer highly enough. I know I will be a lot more professional in my job as a result of this week."

S. Brown, 2014

"This (High Risk Vehicle Loading Crane) course was the most comprehensive in terms of training and assistance that I have attended since leaving the Military 15 years ago. Excellent instructor, clear and
precise material, and a confidence gain that the equipment we use, we are capable of using, not just a licence holder."

A. Borninkhof, (GAM Steel) 2013

"Equipment was of average quality but was provided by the company not All Skills Services. The equipment provided by All Skills Services was of excellent quality.

The (High Risk Vehicle Loading Crane) course was difficult although it has given me more knowledge and confidence than I expected to achieve from the course, and well worth the time.

Thank you."

D. McCormack, (GAM Steel) 2013

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