"(The trainer's) style of training covers everybody in the room's ability; he hits the message home pretty hard in a truthful manner.  He covers all areas thoroughly.  The team has a passion to teach.  Thanks you (All Skills)."

R. Baxter, (Driscoll Ag), 2018

"Fantastic service from first enquiry all the way till end.  Made to feel welcome & equal."

A. Palling, (Driscoll Ag), 2018

"Best training I have done in my life.  Will be highly recommending."

D. Carless, (Astbury Welding & Contracting), 2018

"Great course, Great service, Great environment to learn in."

J. Bolding, (Astbury Welding & Contracting), 2018

"The course was very thorough and easy to follow.  The classroom was comfortable and the facility was great for practical training.  (The trainer) is a very experienced trainer who shows passion for training.  Overall, it's been the best course I've taken so far."

T. Cocker, (Blue Pyrenees Estate), 2018

"I think the forklift course is great!  Learnt a lot in the 3 days, not only how to properly drive a forklift but the knowledge side of it.  I am now a lot confident enough to operate a forklift safely!"

T. Fogarty-Wallace, (Blue Pyrenees Estate), 2018

"Very comprehensive training and direction.  I feel confident and prepared to undertake forklift work thank to (the trainer) and All Skills."

A. Barrett, (Blue Pyrenees Estate), 2018

"A very good training program, focussed on details and with an assessment for study."

J. Jara Vizcarra, (Blue Pyrenees Estate), 2018

"Very well organised.  Teacher backed up with educational background as well as experience from different sites and conditions.  I can strongly recommend to use All Skills to get real knowledge with many field life experience which you just can't learn off the books."

M. Nejepsa, (City of Yarra), 2018

"Very thorough training.  (The trainer) ensured we had the skills and knowledge to become safe and competent forklift drivers."

R. Law, (Huhtamaki Australia Pty Ltd), 2018

"Was really successful course.  We learnt a lot of things and we became more aware of the safety procedures."

A. Eissa, (Huhtamaki Australia Pty Ltd), 2018

"Course was extensive and detailed.  Recommend ANY company with forklifts should utilize All Skills for training/exam or refresher."

P. Henderson, (Huhtamaki Australia Pty Ltd), 2018

"Overall, very well presented.  All Skills provide refreshingly thorough (training) which is essential in this time of increased litigation and common law applications.  An expectation of resilience and personal responsibility is paramount when it comes to safety.  All Skills provide this."

H. Goudy, (Huhtamaki Australia Pty Ltd), 2018

"If you want real training, come to All Skills.  Excellent use of whiteboard, video clips, paper copies, practical demonstrations and enough hands-on training.  Be trained by a person who is passionate about ensuring you operate a forklift safely.  If you just want to tick a box - go elsewhere!"

P.J. Dykema, 2017

"Amazing course with a fantastic instructor.  Couldn't pay for a better service."

B. Piper, 2017

"(The staff at All Skills) were fantastic & professional from start to finish.  Course materials were precise, clear, specific & easy to understand & learn with no prior knowledge.  Training was done in a comfortable environment without any added stress or pressures & for all skill levels.  Thank you (All Skills) for such a great, friendly, knowledgeable service :-)"

S. Taylor, 2017

"As a HSE Advisor, it is so refreshing to find a training provider committed to imparting thorough knowledge, skills & competency, together with the right safety attitude.  I commend All Skills on the integrity they maintain with their High Risk Work training programs."

N. Mackay, (TW Power Services), 2017

"The course was a challenge.  (The trainer) was good at explaining all the requirements I needed.  (The Admin Manager) made sure I had everything I needed."

J. Laan, 2017

"The professionalism, knowledge, effort and understanding that the All Skills Services' staff gave and delivered was second to none.  I would and will recommend this RTO to anyone who wishes to undertake training in this area."

S. Simpson, (Capilano Honey), 2017

"(The trainer) is a a great teacher.  Full of lots of useful info to impart on his students."

J. Jones, 2017

"Great training.  (The trainer's) super passionate about what he does and he knows his stuff.  Well worth it, in 3 days you learn so much, he doesn't miss anything."

S. Oliver, (McPhersons Printing Group), 2017

"After completing the HRW course, I feel I have the confidence and skills to be able to perform in a practical situation, very thorough, practical and relevant information taught."

S. Davies, (Evolution Kitchens & Cabinets Pty Ltd), 2017

"(The trainer) is like no other instructor.  I've been to many courses and the instructors for those courses were boring, monotone and didn't involve you enough, whereas (the trainer) has a unique way of talking to you which keeps you listening and does not bore you.  He is fair, to the point, and honest, and gets you involved in every aspect."

T. Keenan, 2017

"I found the course very concise and informative.  I have completed forklift training many years ago but I feel the course these days gives you much more knowledge to use forklifts.  It is no longer a tick box exercise."

R. Thomas, (Urban Maintenance Systems), 2017

"Enjoyed the course.  Tougher than first thought but fair.  Confident that I am now better equipped to drive the forklift safely."

M. Jury, (Urban Maintenance Systems), 2017

"The course was well prepared and delivered.  A good mix of theory and practice from real life experience.  Well done! (The Admin Manager) is great!"

N. Jolley, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2017

"I found this course to be very good."

B. Seventis, 2017

"Learnt a lot from this training and had been driving a forklift for years and you learn some bad habits."

D. Webb, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2017

"Change nothing."

K. Bennett, 2017

"An amazing insight into the responsibilities and dangers of operating Forklift Trucks.  I can't believe how much I have learnt.  Having a responsible trainer was the help I needed.  Excellent facilities and learning aids."

S. Costanzo, 2017

"Before I started this course, I thought I knew how to drive a Forklfit.  Now, with (the trainer's) training, I know how to drive a Forklift in high risk situations."

C. Zinko, (Southern Cross Feeds), 2017

"Very professional.  Always gave feedback and help when needed."

C. Greenwood, 2017

"(All Skills) were extremely personable and gave very practical tips on not only how to drive a forklift, but to maintain and operate it safely in a 'real life' industry setting."

A. Nunn, (Taltarni Vineyards), 2017

"Really enjoyed (the trainer's) enthusiasm and knowledge.  He had the patience to really describe the workings and potential risks with the forklift."

S. Reynolds, (Blue Pyrenees Estate), 2017

"The course was delivered with precision and expertise. The assessor/trainer had more than required knowledge and techniques to make learning how to use a forklift simple for even those that had never operated or seen a forklift before. He made learning the material comfortable by explaining steps and procedures well, and offered excellent guidance when demonstrating the functions of use of the forklift. Highly recommended!"

D. Krause, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

"Honestly well spoken, honest, knowledgeable, made you feel comfortable in the course. Most of all a top bloke. Would 200% recommend for future training courses."

A. Rafihi, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

"Very well informed instructor."

L. Pickett, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

"Great course, knowledgeable teacher. Now I feel safe to use a forklift."

D. Muldeary, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

"Excellent course. Well-thought out practical training and written. Teaching made easy through good methods that suit those with may years experience as well as those with next to none."

P. Lambie, (True Foods), 2016

"The 3-day course for Forklift Truck was well presented. It was good to see a trainer who cared professionally for his role and had a lot of work experience. All the little extra details were very helpful."

L. King, (True Foods), 2016

"Absolutely fantastic course. I have nothing bad to say. Awesome way of teaching. Hands-on learning from loading and unloading trucks and pallet racking to watching very good informational DVDs. FANTASTIC!"

G. Fulford, (True Foods), 2016

"Great course. RTO instructor patiently and clearly explains all aspects there is to understand about operating a forklift, accompanied with easy to understand demonstrations and videos, that allow you to confidently operate a forklift upon completion."

M. Tunbridge, (True Foods), 2016

"(The trainer) was a fantastic instructor.  We started off by getting review questions to read and complete before commencing the course.  The first day was DVDs, talking and then we did our pre-start checks.  We started off with basics, then slowly progressed.  (The trainer) put heaps of pressure on us and taught us things that weren't in course that other training companies do.  (The trainer) took me from never using a forklift, to getting the best out of me.  I would highly recommend All Skills Services to everyone that wants to get the best out of themselves."

J. Baker, 2016

"Course was very thorough and our trainer provided a very good 3-day training course.  Facilities & equipment were also very good.  At the end of the 3-day High Risk Work Forklift training, I felt confident in the safe operation of Forklift operations."

L. Robertson, (Allen Dunn Plumbing), 2016

"Great course ran by a great bloke, time spent with you making sure you're safe!  Couldn't recommend All Skills anymore!  Definitely worth the money."

J. Burman, 2016

"The test was such a rewarding experience.  (The trainer) really made me earn it.  And at the end of the course, you really do feel proud."

B. Edwards, 2016

"Well explained and demonstrated, showing good knowledge of subject matter and how to convey it to others."

J. Carrigg, 2016

"Initial documentation was delivered weeks before commencement of training which allowed for study time and preparation of required documentation and photography. (The trainer) quickly understood and adapted training to suit class expectations. (The trainer) is a very committed and passionate individual who exceeded expectations and delivery, and will be a success at RTO."

D. Stone, (Skinners Building Supplies), 2016

"(The trainer) pushed me to understand what I was striving to achieve from this course. For this I am fully grateful!"

J. Giblett, (Skinners Ballarat), 2016

"Very well ran course. Good machinery and location. Well explained practical and theory. Aus/Victoria needs to get behind these small businesses that do everything by the law and are keen to help in any way possible."

S. Reece, (Skinners Ballarat), 2016

"I thought the course was great. (The trainer) was fantastic!"

C. Perry, (Capilano Honey), 2016

"(The trainer) has an excellent understanding of what I needed to learn & spend extra time on. It was great to have a mixture of book & yard work to make the course interesting. I would highly recommend it to other people."

D. Whitnall, (Capilano Honey), 2016

"The course was very understanding as (the trainer) knew exactly what he was teaching us. I was very happy & calm the whole 3 days of the course as that’s how All Skills make you feel. (The Admin manager) made us feel very comfy like being in her home. Thanks guys!"

J. Irwin, 2016

"All Skills' trainer made the training so easy with the way he explained things and how things got done."

D. Clendenning, (City of Yarra), 2016

"Fantastic 2 days.  Will go back for more courses."

B. Mateski, (City of Yarra), 2016

"Trainer's delivery & knowledge was excellent."

G. Athanasi, (City of Yarra), 2016

"As a 65 yr old, they say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Well, that's been proven wrong. (The trainer) is a great magician, he got me through my HRW Fork Licence. Hard man, thorough and probably the best instructor/assessor you could have. All Skills provide a fantastic service with a very friendly disposition. Congrats (to the team at All Skills), you deserve the best. Good luck!"

G. Harris, (Central Victorian Transporters), 2016

"The training was relevant to my needs and (the trainer) was very hepful and easy to communicate with."

P. Lyon, (Maryborough Toyota), 2015

"The course was very well presented, clear, and flexible around my work hours."

S. Mortlock, (Mortlock Hydroponics), 2015

"Very helpful & very knowledgeable."

S. Gartside, (Capilano Honey), 2015

"It was a really good working with (the trainer).  The training and the knowledge he had was really good and easy to understand."

Peter Latham, (Capilano Honey), 2015

"Very disciplined and competent trainer, informative & respectful.  Well-versed and educated in all aspects of safety."

S. Edmondson, (Mark Edmondson Electrical Services), 2015

"Very worthwhile & valuable course.  Great grounding for good & safe use of a Forklift."

P. Simpson, 2015

"I think (the trainer) should be recommended to anyone who would like to take any training in courses he provides because his knowledge in these areas is outstanding!"

S. Murray, 2015

"I found the (Forklift) course interesting, informative and entertaining. It satisfied 100% of my training goals."

D. Harris, 2015

"(Forklift) It's been the bext explanatory course that I have done and (totally appropriate) for my new career."

P. Shepherd, 2015

"The whole (Forklift) Course made sense. After 2 days, I feel more confident and my knowledge of course is 10 fold better."

N. Hargreaves, 2015

"Very fulfilling learning experience. I now feel completely ready to take on a career as a Forklift operator."

J. Arwas, (Envirogroup), 2014

"Excellent (Forklift) training. Very good trainers."

S. Mafodda, (Electrocom Solutions), 2014

"A professional and well delivered (Forklift) course that ensures each individual is competent in both theory and practical. I would not hesitate to send any of my staff to one of All Skills' courses as I know they will be properly trained and competent to work safely."

J. Van Hout, (Electrocom Solutions), 2014

"Training was excellent, and catered to my needs. I am now confident that I have the skills and knowledge to drive a Forklift in a commercial environment. I will recommend All Skills to my co-workers in the future. No shortcuts, just actual training. Thanks guys."

F. Arnold, 2014

"I found that the DVDs used and the knowledge imparted (Forklift Refresher) was first rate, and improved my understanding of what could happen. I highly recommend all Forklift operators to utilise this company."

J. Profitt, (Hugo Boss Australia Pty Ltd), 2014

"With regards to (Forklift) materials, recording 'good' was not the result of All Skills or (the trainer). This reflects the presentation of projected DVDs being a little 'washed', making it a little difficult in the room, but this was a very minor issue & outside the control of All Skills.

M. Roberts (City of Whittlesea), 2014

"(The trainer) was knowledgeable and conveyed all messages excellently (Forklift Course). He has the perfect manner for a trainer. I highly recommend this RTO."

A. Hodgson (City of Whittlesea), 2014

"Great 3 days of (Forklift) training. (The trainer) and team provide excellent training guides to get you up to skill. Well done, All Skills! Keep up the good work and standards."

J. Wallace, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

"Cheers for all the great (Forklift) training."

M. Tamatea, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

"The (Forklift) course was great, very strict and challenging. Was one of the best courses I've been on. It's great to be challenged and not have it handed to me."

C. Newton, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

Please note the applicant has to have 100 points of ID and Victorian address to obtain a High Risk Work licence.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or require more information.

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