"One of the best RTO's in Victoria.  The training facilities are awesome and the real life based training is great.  You get to properly use the EWPs by yourself.  Probably one of the best ways to learn and feel confident is to have a go by yourself, because you won't feel confident if you haven't tried by yourself."

D. Martelli, 2016

"Great course. (The trainer) was well prepared and knowledgeable."

K. Heathcock, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016


B. Ure, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2016

"The course was very educational.  I learnt a lot about the correct, and safe procedure involved in operating an EWP."

D. Roche, (Silo Sealing & Waterproofing), 2016

"All the training was done really well."

C. Cole, (Silo Sealing & Waterproofing), 2016

"The training course that I completed with (the trainer) from All Skills Services was very informative and thorough. I learnt a lot of additional things about elevated work platforms and their safe operation. Many thanks to all of the staff at All Skills Services. Highly recommended."

C. Horner, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

"I found I learnt a lot by doing this course and (the trainer) was thorough with his teaching and answered any question I had."

G. Le Blanc, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

"I found everything to be very professional and relevant to my course. The training was very thorough and there was adequate discussion time factored into the training guides."

S. Long, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

"The course conducted by 'All Skills Services' was excellent overall. Very thorough and professional with their knowledge and support.  Would not hesitate to do other courses with them at all."

Kurt Watts, (Troy Walker Electrical), 2015

"(The trainer of the EWP course) has great understanding of OHS of Australia and wants to have his students as much skills in OHS as he does. He is very passionate and deserves to have a very high quality skill level from his students."

T. Foote, (Visionstream), 2014

"(The trainer) was very enthusiastic with the (EWP) course. Great knowledge of the subject."

J. Fairburn, (Visionstream), 2014

"An eye opener to the skill sets required to use and manage an EWP."

M. Brick, (Visionstream), 2014

"I feel the diagrams and pictures were good but I feel the writing of the questions (EWP - High Risk Licence) could be in layman terms. More easier to understand."

R. Kelly, 2014

"The information books (EWP - High Risk Licence) were very simple i.e. school kids."

B. Freedman, (Accolade Wines), 2014

"Very passionate instructor/owner. Very experienced in different trade and engineering field. Genuinely knows and ensures trainee has achieved the level of skill (EWP)."

I. Panniker, (Select Solutions), 2014

"I feel the course teaching was good but the assessment with oral gives the trainer idea of the candidate's capability rather than with respect to the written oral test, however the trainer was good and delivered in right way at the end of the day (EWP)."

S. Manne, 2014

"Trainer spoke both with knowledge & experience, kept it (EWP) both enjoyable & interesting. A+

J. Grimes, (Select Solutions), 2014

"I would like to express my gratitiude and sincere thanks to All Skills Services for their assistance in the completion of my certificates in Scissor Lift, High Risk Elevating Platform and my White Card in the Construction Industry.

They were most diligent, professional and knowledgeable in their training and I thoroughly enjoyed it, leaving confident in my ability to operate all machinery trained on.

I cannot speak highly enough of All Skills and would not hesitate to recommend them to any individual or company."

W.P. Furlong, 2013

"The content, background knowledge and understanding shown in this (Scissor Lift & High Risk EWP) course was far greater than I expected. Passionate, enthusiastic & experienced teacher made for a beneficial & enjoyable learning experience."

C. Wright, 2013

"Training for EWP (High Risk) was beyond what I was expecting and have excellent understanding to work safe. I would not hesitate to recommend anybody to undertake this course at All Skills Services.
Professionalism at it's best!

Well done!"

G. Kousoulinis, 2013

"Great (EWP) training provided. Great company to get your training done. (The trainer) is a passionate and dedicated RTO and it shows in his work and attention to detail. If I need another qualification, I will come back to All Skills Services."

N. O'Leary, 2013

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