"A well run CPR course, professional organisation with knowledgeable and skilled trainers."

C. Jamieson, 2018

"I would highly recommend All SKills, true professionals."

J. Casey, (Department of Health & Human Services), 2018

"The course was very informative & helpful.  Easy to understand."

K. Hands, (Sonac Australia), 2017

"Very informational and would recommend to others."

A. Rich, (Sonac Australia), 2017

"Course very good and informative."

A. Milne, (Sonac Australia), 2017

"After training, I am confident to perform CPR & First Aid."

J. turner, (JN Turner Contracting), 2017

"Very efficient, yet everything seemed to be covered in detail."

R. Bailey, 2017

"Very well explained and great to see real life scenarios."

L. Simpson, 2017

"Great.  Good revision.  Good time frame."

C. Doran, (Doran Earthmoving), 2017

"Well explained course.  Very happy with outcome."

M. Baker, (Doran Earthmoving), 2017

"Very thorough.  Enjoyable course too!"

M. Kennedy, 2017

"Thank you! A very informed course.  Good to see passion in what you're informing people about CPR.  Keep up the good work."

R. Tatchell, (Doren Earthmoving), 2017

"This is proper training, not reading out of a text book by instructor. The most relevant & inspirational course I have ever completed in relation to First Aid/CPR."

G. Pollock, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2016

"Finally, someone who tells it like it is.  And who does the training properly, instead of just "ticking the box."  Thank you for giving me the right knowledge to be able to do things confidently, and doesn't fill my mind up with unnecessary rubbish."

S. Leyland, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"This course is accurate & to the point but in a very clear understanding way.  It is good to see things being explained & demonstrated clearly until understood by all & not just brushed over & signed off."

D. Robson, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"The course was well run and the trainer knew what he was talking about and ran an interesting training course.  And I would recommend it to anyone."

P. Flenley, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"Great course.  Learnt heaps.  Well explained by instructor."

D. Lindsay, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"Very happy with training and will hopefully be back."

A. Rich, (Sonac Australia), 2016

"Very informative."

A. Milne, (Sonac Australia), 2016

"(The trainer) covered everything in CPR refresher course.  It was the first time I have seen a defibrillator attached & to have it applied whilst particpating in CPR.  (The trainer) was a very good instructor."

G. Argall, (DHHS), 2016

"(All Skills) were great.  Lots of information and helped out when needed."

A. Cunningham, (DHHS), 2016

"(All Skills) very efficient, conscientious & knowledgeable about this course.  Today I learnt how to use a Defibrillator which is very important.  They run their business like a well oiled machine."

S. Shay, (DHHS), 2016

"A very informative session. (All Skills) did all they could to provide CPR training at very short notice."

C. Bottriell, (DHHS), 2016

"(The trainer's) teaching technique is incredible.  Confident to perform CPR if situation was to arise - God forbid."

N. Hargreaves, 2016

"Very well presented, easy to follow.  Also very accommodating and did well to fit me into the course at short notice."

M. Anfruns, (DHHS), 2015

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