"(All Skills) conducted a professional course at their premises, and undertook, and put into place, ALL the relevant hygiene and rules under the current health situation."

D. Cain, (Ian Cain Electrical), 2020

"(The trainer) has great knowledge and you will always continue to learn something new, every time you complete a course. The courses are run very professionally and smoothly."

D. Cain, (Dani Cain Personal Training), 2020

"All OH&S in regards to COVID-19 were in place prior to our training. Very vigilant on health & safety. Very thorough on training with mixture of training techniques to ensure lessons were learnt. Thank you."

R. Bumpstead, (Companion Drives and Holidays), 2020

"I highly recommend the training in First Aid. (The trainer) helps you learn the life skill as well as trying to make you think about looking at life in stressful situations."

C. Possamai, (GELC), 2020

"(The trainer) was an absolute professional and was fantastic at explaining all the information that was required. He made things easy to understand on a level that made it easy to remember and retain the information."

D. Harkin, 2020

"Very engaging and informative."

N. Typuszak, 2020

"As always, loved the training.  (All Skills) make a great team."

A. Hall, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2019

"Great teacher in (the trainer). Very informative."

A. Milne, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2019

"Very beneficial -> life skills will improve after this course! Thanks."

M. Kazmierczak, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2019

"The course was very well done."

K. Hands, (Sonac Australia Pty Ltd), 2019

"Great course once again.  Full of appropriate information."

S. Porter, (NPM Diesel), 2019

"Excellent training, far better than any CPR Course I have done previously with other organisations. I walk away today felling really cofident that I could administer CPR if ever I had to, without fear of making a mistake or causing harm, and would have no hesitation intervening in an emergency now."

J. Murphy, (Maryborough Guardian Pharmacy), 2019

"Great training. Very informative. Organised and encouraging. Friendly & approachable."

C. Gray, 2019

"Another worthwhile session. Very informative and easy to follow.  Thank you (All Skills)!"

N. Weir, (Maryborough Guardian Pharmacy), 2019

"Informative and very easy to follow and very engaging."

J. Carrigg, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"Great course, presented well by (the trainer). Well done."

P. Raven, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"I found the course very well presented and interactive.  Thanks."

A. Calder, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"Fantastic. Very happy. Learnt a lot."

J. McRedmond, 2019

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, a great way to learn (through examples of prior experience), would recommend course to anyone."

D. Tierney, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"Truly, a valuable asset for everyoe to have. You never know when you might need to assist in someone's life and to have the skills is essential."

S. Chandler, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"(The trainer) has a great understanding and knowledge, and is a valuable asset to the community."

L. King, (Sensate Pty Ltd), 2019

"Fun, relaxed learning environment."

H. Johnson, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"All Skills Services is the best First Aid training I have done."

A. Harrison, 2019

"The team at All Skills just keep getting better.  The amount you learn is fantastic.  You feel confident after every course to be able to do what you are trained to do."

G. Fulford, (Sensate Pty Ltd), 2019

"The training received was very informative and gave a lot of knowledge as for what to do in First Aid training to be competent in administering First Aid."

J. Clarke, (Sensate Pty Ltd), 2019

"Excellent as always.  Thanks (All Skills Team)."

S. Rowland, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"Again, another course delivered with high enthusiasm.  Well run, presented and delivered Refresher Course.  Again, would not hesitate to refer others to this course provider."

C. Bell, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2019

"The course is easy to understand and follow.  (The All Skills Team) are patient and very approachable if you have any questions about the course.  The classroom is small and a good size for training - more 1:1 time for students."

K. Hughes, (Asteria Services Inc.), 2019

"Once again thanks to (All Skills), for your informative learning procedures.  A pleasure to learn at All Skills."

D. Cain, (Ian Cain Electrical), 2019

"Excellent presentation of course details, expectations. Information was delivered in a way to keep you interested & engaged in "the course."

F. Dekuijer, 2019

"This course teaches you a lot and (the trainer) ensures you have great knowledge of providing first aid before you leave."

D. Cain, (Dani Cain Personal Training), 2019

"(The trainer) shows excellent passion and knowledge when doing his course."

J. Primmer, (Daily Dose Café), 2019

"(The trainer) was very thorough in teaching CPR.  The best training I have had in CPR Training."

M. Gardner, 2019

"Great course. Very informative. Great trainers. Very educational. Would do it againt through All Skills."

M. Gambuti, 2019

"Great informative course."

A. Palling, (Driscoll Ag), 2019

"This is my follow up CPR Course and like the first course, I feel (All Skills) do an excellent job, top class training and knowledge that you can't just get out of a book. Enjoyed a lot, great job guys!"

R. Edwards, (Driscoll Ag), 2018

"I have gained a better understanding of First Aid and feel I can use this in my everyday life if I am required to."

N. Hoban, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"Great training."

E. Shanahan, (Centacare Employment), 2018

"I found this course to be concise and informative, appropriate to requirements."

J. Hendy, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"Training was delivered well and in a timely fashion."

S. Hughes, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"Excellent course."

R. Calleija, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"Wonderful communication. I felt very welcomed. Course was very well delivered & informative."

A. Bruin, 2018

"Thank you (All Skills) for your very informative - professional run course. Highly recommended: Keep up the good work! P.S. Thumbs up!"

R. Tatchell, (Doran Earthmoving), 2018

"Very happy with everything in the course."

M. Baker, (Doran Earthmoving), 2018

"The only training organisation that I would use.  I have undertaken numerous training course under (All Skills') guidance over several years.  The training is always comprehensive, informative, and delivered in a down to earth no nonsense way."

D. Stewart, 2018

"Very informative life skill, well worth doing, hope it's a skill I don't need in reality."

H. Stewart, (J.B.R. Developments), 2018

"After completing the CPR & Defib course, I am pleased with the way the course was conducted.  The trainers are friendly and make sure that you understand and learn every aspect of the course.  Thank you (All Skills)."

A. Dalglish, (Maryborough Community House), 2018

"I enjoyed the course, feel it is important to redo the course on a yearly basis as I forget how to do it when I don't have to (no real everyday practise)."

C. Possamai, (Maryborough Community House), 2018

"Very thorough and enjoyable, makes learning a lot easier."

D. Tierney, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd) 2018

"I enjoyed the course.  It was well explained and I felt well prepared before entering it on the day."

A. Calder, (Edlyn Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"Venue was good.  Lighting, temperature & space good.  All staff were efficient, friendly & helpful. Course was interesting & concise."

A. Gibson, (Maryborough Community House),2018

"The training provider was excellent, small classes were great, a very good CPR refresher.  Nice and local too."

N. Smyth, 2018

"Very informative, answers all questions according.  Appropriate materials to provide full content of CPR course."

S. Porter, (NPM Diesel Pty Ltd), 2018

"Enthusiastic, eager to share education for the better of the community, attention to detail and knowledgeable - all things All Skills do very well.  Thanks for helping refresh my CPR knowledge!"

L. Haworth, (Priceline Pharmacy, Maryborough), 2018

"Thank you to All Skills for delivering such a wonderful, easy to follow and interactive training session."

S. Rowland, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"Easy to follow, well instructed and all bases covered."

H. Johnson, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"The course was very professionally presented.  (The trainer) showed great knowledge and passion."

G. Saunders, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"I was quite anxious with this course but it was so relaxed that I recommend this to anyone.  Great experience."

S. Chandler, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"Certainly - promote it.  It will save a life.  Course is very good, clear and easy to follow."

N. Hosking, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2018

"All Skills Services provides an informative CPR Refresher Course.  Has given me the renewed confidence to provide CPR in the event I need to."

Z. Wiseman, (Stawell Regional Health), 2018

"As usual, loved the day.  Very imformative.  Great day!"

A. Hall, (Sonac Australia), 2018

"A well run CPR course, professional organisation with knowledgeable and skilled trainers."

C. Jamieson, 2018

"I would highly recommend All SKills, true professionals."

J. Casey, (Department of Health & Human Services), 2018

"The course was very informative & helpful.  Easy to understand."

K. Hands, (Sonac Australia), 2017

"Very informational and would recommend to others."

A. Rich, (Sonac Australia), 2017

"Course very good and informative."

A. Milne, (Sonac Australia), 2017

"After training, I am confident to perform CPR & First Aid."

J. turner, (JN Turner Contracting), 2017

"Very efficient, yet everything seemed to be covered in detail."

R. Bailey, 2017

"Very well explained and great to see real life scenarios."

L. Simpson, 2017

"Great.  Good revision.  Good time frame."

C. Doran, (Doran Earthmoving), 2017

"Well explained course.  Very happy with outcome."

M. Baker, (Doran Earthmoving), 2017

"Very thorough.  Enjoyable course too!"

M. Kennedy, 2017

"Thank you! A very informed course.  Good to see passion in what you're informing people about CPR.  Keep up the good work."

R. Tatchell, (Doren Earthmoving), 2017

"This is proper training, not reading out of a text book by instructor. The most relevant & inspirational course I have ever completed in relation to First Aid/CPR."

G. Pollock, (True Foods Pty Ltd), 2016

"Finally, someone who tells it like it is.  And who does the training properly, instead of just "ticking the box."  Thank you for giving me the right knowledge to be able to do things confidently, and doesn't fill my mind up with unnecessary rubbish."

S. Leyland, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"This course is accurate & to the point but in a very clear understanding way.  It is good to see things being explained & demonstrated clearly until understood by all & not just brushed over & signed off."

D. Robson, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"The course was well run and the trainer knew what he was talking about and ran an interesting training course.  And I would recommend it to anyone."

P. Flenley, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"Great course.  Learnt heaps.  Well explained by instructor."

D. Lindsay, (Pyrenees Shire Council), 2016

"Very happy with training and will hopefully be back."

A. Rich, (Sonac Australia), 2016

"Very informative."

A. Milne, (Sonac Australia), 2016

"(The trainer) covered everything in CPR refresher course.  It was the first time I have seen a defibrillator attached & to have it applied whilst particpating in CPR.  (The trainer) was a very good instructor."

G. Argall, (DHHS), 2016

"(All Skills) were great.  Lots of information and helped out when needed."

A. Cunningham, (DHHS), 2016

"(All Skills) very efficient, conscientious & knowledgeable about this course.  Today I learnt how to use a Defibrillator which is very important.  They run their business like a well oiled machine."

S. Shay, (DHHS), 2016

"A very informative session. (All Skills) did all they could to provide CPR training at very short notice."

C. Bottriell, (DHHS), 2016

"(The trainer's) teaching technique is incredible.  Confident to perform CPR if situation was to arise - God forbid."

N. Hargreaves, 2016

"Very well presented, easy to follow.  Also very accommodating and did well to fit me into the course at short notice."

M. Anfruns, (DHHS), 2015

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