"All Skills Services provided a very detailed & complex study guide.  It was an excellent learning tool.  The trainer provided & showed his experience in various industries and life in general."

I. Conrick, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

"I think the course, it was great, and my knowledge, it is a lot better and I understand a lot more.  The trainer is qualified enough to teach in different ways to me understanding the point or idea."

O. Paredes Hildago, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

"I found it very helpful and I didn't think I could drive a skid steer, but after the course I found that I could do it and (the trainer) was very helpful."

P. Hood, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

"(The trainer) is a great bloke, very informative and thorough.  (The trainer) has real life knowledge and knows his stuff.  Top bloke!"

J. Gardiner, (Geelong Grammar School - Timbertop Campus), 2018

"Very good course.  Learnt so much from (the trainer). Enjoyed the two day course. Would recommend to other company or people. Wouldn't change a thing. 10/10 :)  Helped me learn so much about Skid Steer."

N. Canales, (City of Yarra Open Space), 2016

"Very informative, good presentation, well worth doing, learning more than just operating levers."

P.O'Connell, (City of Yarra Open Space), 2016

"Trainer is incredibly knowledgeable in many areas allowing for you to get a complete understanding of the task at hand.  Very friendly, yet makes sure you are up to standards."

C. Jansz, (City of Yarra Open Space), 2016

"Excellent (Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Backhoe/Loader) course.  If you just want a ticket GO to another training company.  If you want to learn how to be an operator and gain real knowledge and experience then this is the place to come.  I travelled over 1000km to do my training here for this exact reason."

B. Haylock, (Haylock Marine Services), 2016

"(Skid Steer Loader) course was very well run."

S. Bennett, (City of Yarra), 2015

"Explanation of theory and practical was very thorough.  Learned heaps in the training and built confidence."

E. Mariona, (City of Yarra), 2015

"The (Skid Steer Loader) course was very informative and I had to actually give my full attention the whole time. The teacher is very resourceful and knows what he is talking about."

L. Grech, (City of Yarra), 2015

"(Skid Steer Loader) Course was very thorough.  It factors in differrent learning styles including DVD's, book learning and on-site training.  Very in-depth."

S. Daniell, (City of Yarra), 2015

"I have attended many courses, few of them are as thorough and professional as All Skills Services."

T. Goodwin, 2015

"Good (Skid Steer Loader) course.  Well presented.  Greath knowledge of machines and what was required from participants."

 D. Scown, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2015

"Overall, the course was run very smoothly.  I got plenty of time in the Skid Steer and enjoyed my time with the trainer and learnt a lot."

A. Stosic, (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2015

"The confidence I gained during this (Skid Steer Loader & Front-End Loader) training was great.  (The trainer) was eager to listen, as well as let me know how I could improve.  Thank you."

C. Bolton, (Buller Ski Lifts), 2015

"It was the best way of teaching the product (Skid Steer Loader) and around machines."

A. Kelly (Buller Ski Lifts), 2015

"(Skid Steer Loader Course) A very positive experience – received up-to-date knowledge – how to use common sense – benefits of communication – how respect is so important in the workplace as well as sharing knowledge – lastly truthful honest feedback – best training I've had in 27 years! Many thanks, (All Skills)."

J. Friday, (Geelong Grammar School – Timbertop Campus), 2015

"Education + positive experience (Skid Steer Loader Course)."

R. Morris, (Geelong Grammar School – Timbertop Campus), 2015

"Thank you. True gentleman. (Skid Steer Loader Course)"

W. Clemens, (CSR Gyprock), 2014

"Very informative (Skid Steer Loader). I would recommend All Skills to my work mates."

J. Karageorge, 2013


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