"I found the course exceeded by expectations. The trainer had a great delivery style and was highly technically competent. I learned everything I needed to know and I am now much more confident with my correct maintenance and use of a chainsaw.  I highly enjoyed the training."

M. Brown, (Wood4Good Pty Ltd), 2019

"This was an excellent experience from go to wo. I didn't expect a training experience to be thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended."

B. Boxshall, (Wood4Good Pty Ltd), 2019

"Great course, I learnt heaps. Thanks (All Skills)."

J. Sterley, (Kyneton Bushland Resort), 2019

"Great training facility and excellent course delivery.  Highly recommended."

D. Brown, (Munchit TreeWorx Pty Ltd), 2018

"Good service and very informative."

L. Cox, (Just Trees Central Victoria Pty Ltd), 2018

"Very informative.  Great teacher/very knowledgeable.  Great practical assessments, very realistic.  Very thorough in chainsaw maintenance.  Was great to cut & trim timber off site.  Would recommend this course/instructor to anyone."

B. McGrath, (Kyneton Bushland Resort), 2018

"The course was very good.  Had lots of useful information.  (The trainer) was very hands on and helpful.  (The Admin Manager) was very helpful as well with guiding us on information."

J. McConaghie, 2018

"Good course.  Knowledgable instructor.  Learnt a lot."

C. Avery, 2017

"Gained some real knowledge.  Course enjoyable.  All staff friendly and easy to understand.  Learnt a lot."

S. BelĂ´t, 2017

"Great course & learned good knowledge."

D. Buckingham, 2017

"All Skills Services has been an exceptionally professional, thorough & friendly organisation to do my chainsaw course with. I am confident to continue developing my skills personally after receiving a very high standard of training off (the trainer).  The emphasis on safety & risk assessment was excellent."

A. Carlin, 2016

"Course content and delivery was excellent and exceeded expectations".

S. William, 2016

"Consistent clear delivery of theory, backed up by capable & considerate instruction with lots of great hands-on practice in the field.  All those who participated in the course improved their skills, level of safety and efficiency.  Overall, a valuable two days."

S. Gamble, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

"Great course - informative, excellent explanations of techniques + safety.  Great care factor."

M. Neal, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

"Nice course with good amount of hands-on work."

A. Eason, (Lake Mountain Alpine Resort), 2015

"Received more information than what I thought would be covered.  More enjoyment than learning."

D. Fisher, (B & D Builders Pty Ltd), 2015

"Very good (Chainsaw) training.  The instructor makes everything clear and understandable."

G. Turner, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2015

"Small class size made it so much easier to learn (Chainsaw) because the trainer was so available & not too busy with others. The location felt appropriate & wasn't hard to find."

M. Drenen, 2015

"(The trainer) is a very, very passionate man who runs an extremely challenging (Chainsaw) course!. However, unlike other courses offered, I feel well prepared and confident with the chainsaw skills I have
acquired. (The trainer) is an excellent role model and a man who loves helping people. I am extremely impressed and would recommend All Skills Services to anyone."

H. Hatcher, 2014

"As I have some industry experience, I was not sure how good the course would be, however every day was excellent and I how feel much more confident using a chainsaw."

B. Hughes, 2014

"Great (Chainsaw) course. Instructor was easy to approach & helpful."

D. Reynolds, (Accolade Wines), 2014

"Excellent (Chainsaw) training. Gained a lot from it."

B. Freedman, (Accolade Wines), 2014

"Awesome (Chainsaw) course. Would definitely recommend."

J. Hatch, (Accolade Wines), 2014

"To any person or persons out there who wants a great instructor & great class with a professional attitude & attention to detail, do this (Chainsaw) course! Absolutely outstanding! If not the best comprehensive course I've ever done!"

S. Prowd, (Accolade Wines), 2014

"I feel much more confident in handling & maintaining a chainsaw. The course format & information given was very relevant to our workplace."

B. Kilner, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

"Gained a lot of skills that will be helpful for work and at home. (Chainsaw Course)."

W. McLennan, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

"The (Chainsaw) course overall exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot of information which will benefit my
job. I would like to hope this course could be an option for all employees willing to participate."

D. Dicker, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

"Recommend this course to everyone, learnt a lot, very professionally organised and ran. Great (Chainsaw) course. Thanks!"

S. Hay, (V/Line Pty Ltd), 2014

"(The Trainer was) very thorough & honest in feedback and constructive examples. Gained good insight and new techniques to improve old habits (Chainsaw Course)."

G. Smith (Ford Motor Company of Australia), 2014

"Overall the (Chainsaw) course was good, well delivered and the knowledge of the instructor was excellent. Great fun had by all!"

D. Floyd, (V/Line) 2013

"My Chainsaw training course with (All Skills Services) was excellent. I would recommend for other companies to use them. Very informative."

R. Nunn, (V/Line) 2013

"The reception staff were great, really enthusiastic and committed to helping and making sure you had an understanding of what was happening before the (Chainsaw) course. The trainer is really passionate
about what he is teaching and that you understand what you are taught. Highly recommend!"

D. Hutchison, (Ramada Resort Phillip Island) 2013

"I really enjoyed the course. The venue and instructor were spot on for what I wanted to achieve. Now feel competent in having the skills and knowledge to safely operate a chainsaw!"

D. Sinden, (Ramada Resort Phillip Island) 2013

"I have acquired competency thanks to some very thorough and professional (Chainsaw) training!"

J. Rickards, (Jenny Rickards Sculptor) 2013

"One of the best training days we had at V/Line to date. Picked up a lot on chainsaws."

F. Dillon, (V/Line Pty Ltd) 2013

"This course was far better than another chainsaw course I attended and greatly exceeded my expectations."

N. McConnell, (V/Line Pty Ltd) 2013

"The (Chainsaw) course was run at a very high degree with both practical and theory. The instructor was very forthcoming with a wealth of knowledge and very enthusiastic about the course. He made sure everybody
was confident with the tasks before setting new ones. The best thing was that the instructor kept pushing the issue of respecting the chainsaw as it can do some major damage."

B. Tisdale, (V/Line Pty Ltd) 2013

"The (Chainsaw) course was of great benefit to the whole group. Instructions were clear and easy to understand, and the hands-on with the chainsaws was great. A lot of knowledge was learnt with this
course. The workers are now better prepared for their tasks with a chainsaw."

W. Voigt, (V/Line Pty Ltd) 2013

"One of the best courses I have attended . All time at the course was filled in excellently. Learnt new techniques in using and caring for chainsaws. Well run. Practical lessons well run."

G. Jennings, (V/ine Pty Ltd) 2013

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